Fans Discover The Truth About Whitney & Carlin Bates’ Boutique?

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Have Bringing Up Bates fans discovered the truth about Whitney and Carlin Bates’ boutique? A recent discussion online made fans realize how the boutique might actually work differently than they originally thought it did. Keep reading for all of the details and find out what fans are speculating.

The Bates Sisters Boutique

If you didn’t know, Carlin Stewart, Whitney Bates, and Erin Paine started the Bates Sisters Boutique several years ago. Erin has since stepped away from the business and is prioritizing her family as well as her online store where she sells scripture cards and other religious-themed items.

On social media, fans get a peek into Carlin and Whitney’s business. The girls often take fans behind the scenes as they plan for new launches or try on the different clothes available for purchase.

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However, some fans are realizing there seems to be more going on behind the scenes than they first realized.

The Truth About Whitney & Carlin Bates’ Boutique Revealed?

On Reddit, one Bringing Up Bates fan shared a photo of Carlin Bates showing off a new Grinch sweatshirt that is launching at the boutique on Thursday, Nov 17. The fan pointed out that they had seen the same design at big box stores before.

This raised some questions amongst Bringing Up Bates fans. It looks like some didn’t understand how Carlin and Whitney’s boutique worked and thought that they designed the clothes themselves.
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In the past, Whitney and Carlin Bates took fans along as they have shopped at various conferences and met with many different vendors. During these events or meetings, the women select the clothes they want to carry in their boutique and order large quantities of them at a discounted price.

One fan debunked the idea that Carlin might have copied someone else and simply stated, “They buy from wholesale. Its not like they design those clothes themselves.”

Another fan added, “They don’t design anything – they buy from wholesalers. That’s their whole business model. You can probably find anything they sell on Amazon for a cheaper price.”

So, while Carlin and Whitney put effort into selecting the clothing they offer at their store, it’s not designed or sewn by them. This is how many boutiques function. Based on the Reddit thread, it looks like many fans were unaware of this.

So, did you know the truth about Whitney and Carlin Bates’ boutique? Or did you think they designed the clothes themselves? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Bringing Up Bates family.

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