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Fans Accuse Meri Brown Of Gigantic Ego Over Latest Post

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Meri Brown has been angering her fans a lot lately. Her social media postings are either inconsistent with her behavior or arrogant. This time, she is accused of having a giant ego. It is not the first time the Sister Wives star has been called out for ego issues and it most likely won’t be the last. So, what did Meri post that has fans up in arms? Read on for more details.

Meri Brown Accused of Having Gigantic Ego

Often, Meri shares things in her Instagram stories that make fans scratch their heads. This has happened once again. The owner of Lizzie’s Heritage Inn posted a photo of Johnny Depp with the caption: “Let Them Hate. Just Make Sure They Spell Your Name Right.” Obviously, Meri’s name is not spelled traditionally which she has discussed in the past. So, is she alluding to people hating on her and her lifestyle? More so, is she saying that she is okay with that as long as they get her name right?

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Fans seem to think that this shade is actually egotistical and they started a Reddit thread over it. They wanted to know why she posted a picture of Depp, for starters. Then they proceeded to joke about autocorrect on Kody, Meri, and Robyn’s names. “It’s God’s way of telling you to give up the fight. It’s Cody, Mary and Robin from here on out,” one noted. Then, another came in with this: “Does anyone else think Meri might have some narcissism in her as well? I have yet to see her take true accountability for anything, including the catfish thing.”

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That was followed by: “She is for sure a covert narcissist.” Others feel she has this false sense of importance and fame. In a sense of rebellion, the Redditors on the thread wanted to purposely spell her name wrong from now on. They came up with a bunch of different variations which were quite clever. Yet, as aforementioned, this is not the first time her ego has caught up with her.

The Big Retreat

This month, Meri Brown is hosting a retreat at her B&B. However, fans were taken aback by how expensive it was. It started at over 4K and went up to over 6K. The standard package did not even include a room at her inn. It was for a few days at Parowan, Utah B&B, and would have activities as well as time with Meri. Yet, fans could not believe how expensive it was and that Meri thought she could charge so much for a retreat. It was clear then that her ego had gotten out of control.

Do you think that Meri Brown needs a reality check or is she just having fun with her social media? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.


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  1. I am so sorry Christine finally leaving the egotistical ***hole. he lies and doesn’t care about anyone except himself. I use to like them all but not Robyn or the jurk cody.

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