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Why Has Wendy Williams Stopped Talking To Son Kevin?

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Wendy Williams has stopped talking to her son Kevin. The two haven’t communicated since she left rehab. As fans already know, Wendy has been estranged from her family. They think she should go back to Florida.

The former talk show host moved back to New York City amid her ever-growing health concerns. She involved herself with a group of friends while firing her former manager and team members. Some are concerned that no one’s looking for Wendy’s health and well-being.

Read on to learn why she’s no longer speaking to Kevin Hunter Jr.

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Not on speaking terms with her son

According to a shocking report, the former television personality is no longer speaking to Kevin Jr. The last time that Wendy Williams spoke to her 22-year-old son was before she left the Malibu rehab facility. She exited the wellness center just a month ago. Since then, she’s been back in NYC with her friends.

Her relationship with her son is fractured. An insider spoke to The U.S. Sun about the status of Wendy’s relationship with Kevin Jr. She cut off all communication before she left rehab. Kevin Jr. was the one who helped nurse Wendy Williams back to health when she took an extended hiatus from her talk show in September 2021.

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“Kevin has been through hell this year with everything going on with his mom. It breaks his heart that things seemed to be going well while she was in rehab, but as soon as she got her freedom, she hasn’t reached out to him,” the source told The U.S. Sun. “Kevin has been trying to stay focused and finish up his last year of school, but it’s been challenging having to deal with everything going on with his mother.”

Wendy Williams and her son had a difficult relationship since. Kevin Jr. tried to give her some tough love amid her drinking and substance abuse struggles. He told her that if she didn’t get help, he would remove her from his life. The insider told the outlet that their relationship was “strained” ever since he gave her the “ultimatum.”

Wendy Williams estranged from the family

It’s not just Kevin Jr. that she’s not speaking with. Wendy Williams is estranged from her entire family. Something happened between Florida and New York that caused her to stay up north. Wendy’s brother Tommy Williams that Kevin Jr. was going to surprise her on her 58th birthday, but she kicked him out of her penthouse apartment.

Her son wanted to spend some time with her. However, Wendy didn’t want any family allowed. Tommy accused her of acting like a “family celebrity.” He also claims that she’s “been selfish” with the way she’s treated her family. Their family problems stem all the way back before she became a household fixture.

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Several sources agree that Wendy Williams was in a better frame of mind when she was in Florida. She struggled with several health issues as she spent time with her family. In March, the former radio personality returned to her home. Wendy promises fans that she will make a comeback.

What are your thoughts on Wendy Williams not talking to her son? Do you think she should repair her relationship with her family? Or, do you think distance is needed? Sound off below in the comment section.

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