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Was Kody, Not Robyn The Culprit Who Took Janelle’s Money?

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Janelle Brown recently revealed that she contributed a large chunk of money to allowing Robyn to purchase the home she now shares with Kody. Janelle also revealed a large chunk of the family’s money was used to purchase the home as well. Frustrated, Janelle argues it is now “her turn” to tap into the money and she wants to use it to pay off Coyote Pass so she can start building.

Looking back at older episodes of Sister Wives, fans recall Robyn Brown putting up a pretty big fight about buying the house she is currently living in. Fans recall Robyn making a bit deal out of buying the house would make it harder for building on Coyote Pass to ever happen.

Knowing what fans know now, some wonder if Robyn Brown fought because she was uncomfortable spending Janelle’s money and the family’s money on the house. Was it actually Kody who made that decision?

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Did Kody Brown decide to spend Janelle’s money?

It is no secret that Sister Wives fans don’t like Robyn Brown. As TvShowsAce previously reported, some fans noted that likening Robyn to dirt was an insult to dirt because “dirt was actually useful.” 

On Reddit, one fan admitted that they don’t care for Robyn. But, they were giving her the benefit of the doubt on the house situation. The fan recalled Robyn fighting against the idea of buying the house she currently owns. This fan can’t help but wonder if Robyn was against using Janelle’s money and if it was actually Kody who pressured the idea.

Okay so now we know Robyn and Kody basically took Janelle’s money to buy Robyn’s McMansion. Is this why Robyn kept fighting actually BUYING it? Robyn did say that it would effect building on Coyote Pass and she didn’t want to buy it. Could this one be more on Kody? Thoughts?”

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Responding to the thread, other fans noted that at the end of the day Robyn was expecting far too much from a rental property. So, purchasing a home was really the only option she had.

Another fan argued: “She said she didn’t want to buy a house – but the number of bedrooms she wanted made it impossible to find a rental. If she really wanted to rent – she could have! The kids would have had to share rooms and she would have had to settle for something smaller. By default the only way to meet her ‘requirements’ was to buy!!”

Do you think Kody Brown pressured Robyn into buying the house that she currently owns? Is Robyn Brown a victim of Kody’s abuse just like everyone else? Answer these questions in the comments below. And, keep coming back for the latest scoop on Robyn’s family drama!

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