‘Survivor’ 44 First Details Are Already Here

Nick Davis

We are still in the midst of Survivor 43, but details on Season 44 are already here. Like Seasons 41 and 42, Seasons 43 and 44 were filmed back to back. Meaning the filming for Season 44 has been done since slightly after the finishing for 43 was done this past summer. The cast is all back home watching Season 43 and patiently waiting for their time to hit the Survivor spotlight.

The Arrival Of Survivor 44

Jeff Probst recently hit Twitter to announce the official premiere date for Season 44 of the show he’s been doing for 22 years now. The reception to Season 43 has been lukewarm amongst fans thus far. So it’s possible that CBS is already trying to divert people’s attention to what’s coming. Probst officially states in the informal car video that 44 will get a 2-hour premiere on March 1st of 2023.

Jeff probst/YouTube

Aside from that, most of the details of Season 44 closely align with 43. The concept is the same as 41 and 42 where they essentially run the same season twice in a row with different casts to see the different reactions and takes to the same twists. And these reactions are untainted between seasons because the casts were unable to watch each other play. This made Season 42 a fascinating season because viewers were able to observe completely different outcomes to the exact same situations. It truly exemplifies how Survivor is a game with an outcome determined entirely by its cast.

What About The Cast?

And speaking of casts, the only other major detail we have for Season 44 right now is the cast leak. Generally, you should take cast leaks with a grain of salt. However, this leak comes from the same source as the original Season 43 cast leak. A leak that turned out to be 100% accurate.

survivor season 44 cast leak
The leaked cast of ‘Survivor’ 44

So it seems fairly safe to say right now that these will be the people we see competing this spring. This leak includes a lot of interesting faces. Like one of Survivor‘s first players from the capital of Puerto Rico with the nickname “Yam Yam”. Along with a 20-year-old aerospace engineer and Survivor‘s first player whose occupation is put as “Tiktoker” (It was bound to happen eventually). It is looking to be an interesting season already.

The Rest Of 43?

Details of Season 44 are coming around right and left. But Season 43 is still going strong and is touching on some of its best episodes yet. As the merged tribe grows smaller and smaller, it feels like tensions are rising to an all-time high. Nothing too dramatic has gone down as of yet (aside from Gabler’s many antics), but it feels like big moments may be just around the corner. Hopefully, some of the season’s most entertaining players like Sami, Gabler, and Karla can stick around to give the season the big finish it deserves.

Survivor Season 43 is still premiering new episodes every Wednesday on CBS and Paramount Plus. Are you excited about the seasons to come? Let us know in the comments.

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