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‘Sister Wives’ Two Faces Of Meri Brown, Which Is Really Her?

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Meri Brown excitedly rushes home to be with her husband Kody after nearly a month of travel. According to the TLC personality’s most recent Instagram post, she’s spent just over three weeks traveling. She’s worn out and ready to spend a little time at home.

“Just a girl who’s excited to go home! In the past 23 days, I’ve been home a total of 36 hours,” she penned in the caption of her post as she rushed home to her husband, Kody.

The Sister Wives star proceeded to remind fans — once again — that she loved her life. She noted that she wasn’t complaining about all of the traveling she had been doing recently because she had a great life. She was just looking forward to being home for a while.

Meri Brown from Instagram

Meri Brown excitedly rushes home to husband Kody

Meri Brown continued to pen in her Instagram post: “I’ve experienced fabulous adventures, amazing business trainings, intense and massive personal growth. I’ve done some soul searching, accepted things that needed to be accepted, pivoted where I needed to pivot. I’ve had cheerleaders cheer for me, friends surround me with their joy, spread a little happiness and light of my own.”

THIS is what makes me happy, doing all the things, living this life that I’ve been blessed with to the fullest, given when and where I can, and experiencing joy! This is where I thrive, this is what I will continue!

In response to the post, Sister Wives fans admit they were a bit baffled. The Meri Brown they saw on Instagram was a far cry from the one they saw on the TLC series. As TvShowsAce previously reported, fans are constantly asking on social media which version of Meri is real.

Lately, fans just feel sorry for Meri. Fans agree she’s lost all her dignity as she turns into a giggling schoolgirl any time Kody gives her the time of day on the show. Moreover, fans can’t get past how she talks about cheering people on and encouraging them to be happy on Instagram while she refused to support Christine’s decision to leave Kody. Fans noted that Christine took a step toward what made her happiest and Meri refused to see that.


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Overall, most Sister Wives fans agree their love for Meri Brown has died after watching how she’s treated Christine this season on the series.

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