Mari Pepin & Kenny Braasch Update Fans, Give Advice

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Bachelor in Paradise couple Mari Pepin and Kenny Braasch are updating fans on where they stand with their wedding planning. The two got engaged last summer on the beaches of Mexico. Since then they’ve been going strong and have already moved in together. Keep reading to find out everything that is known so far about their big day. Plus, the couple shares advice for the current BIP couples.

Mari Pepin and Kenny Braasch update fans on wedding plans

Bachelor Nation caught up with Mari Pepin and Kenny Braasch to talk about how life is going and where they are in the wedding planning process.

Mari revealed that after her latest pageant victory she is done with that part of her life and is now focusing on wedding planning. She said, “We’re just in the beginning stages of wedding planning. We picked our date, which is November of next year. We know it’s going to be in Puerto Rico and we have a list of four or five venues that we’re going to go look at, either this month or next month.”

Kenny and Mari via Insta

Kenny added to what Mari was saying. He said, “When it comes to planning, I mostly just love watching Mari enjoy planning it all. But what we’re going to do is our Puerto Rican wedding is going to be a little bit smaller with family. Then we’ll do something in Chicago party-wise after. It will be a celebration. That’s where I’ll do more of the planning for the Chicago party. We are hoping for around the same time; we don’t know for sure yet. It could be early 2024 for that one.”

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Kenny Braasch and Mari Pepin/Credit: Bachelor Nation YouTube

More wedding details

Mari also shared that they will have a lot of Bachelor Nation alums attending both weddings. She also said their dogs will be there too. She noted she usually travels with them.

Mari has also been thinking about what she will wear. In fact, she already has a dress for their big Chicago celebration.  For her wedding in Puerto Rico, she will be wearing a dress designed by one of her friends. She’s been sketching out ideas already.

Kenny noted he wants to wear a traditional black tux but is opting to wear Jordans instead of dress shoes on their big day.

Mari Pepin, Instagram
Mari Pepin, Instagram

Advice for new BIP couples

Mari and Kenny both had some advice for new couples coming off of Season 8 of Bachelor in Paradise. Mari said the new couples should stay level-headed and stay committed to getting through both positive and negative situations together.

Kenny said for him and Mari it was best to figure out where they were going to live. He thinks a lot of couples who don’t make it don’t because of trying to do a long-distance relationship.

Are you excited to see Mari and Kenny get married next year?


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