Madonna’s Latest ‘B*tt’ Post Has Fans Begging Her To Stop

Madonna [Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon | YouTube]

Madonna’s latest b*tt post has fans telling her to stop. She’s been a provocateur throughout her entire life and career. However, the 64-year-old has fans fed up with her social media posts. The Queen of Pop is in that frame of mind that she can’t stop and won’t stop.

First, she got slammed for her ever-changing looks. Fans wondered if the reason why she looked unrecognizable in her selfies was due to filters or plastic surgery. Now, she continues to spark controversy with her Instagram posts. Although she’s always pushed the envelope, some people feel there’s a limit.

Madonna [Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon | YouTube]
[Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon | YouTube]

64-year-old pop star poses topless and flaunts booty

In her latest Instagram post, Madonna posed topless and flaunted her booty. She wore a pair of black lace underwear. The redhead also wore a matching black corset that did little to cover up the important parts. She finished off her look with black thigh-high stockings, black fishnet gloves, silver jewelry, and black sunglasses.

Madonna also carried a bright yellow Balenciaga bag in her new Instagram post. One of the photos had fans wondering if she’s desperate to stay relevant. She posted the series of photos on Monday, November 14. Most of the photos showed her holding the bag while covering up the girls.

In the last photo, she showed off her booty in her black lacy underwear. However, she kept it covered by placing the focus on her Balenciaga handbag. Madonna coyly wrote in the caption: “🐱in the Bag. ………………….” She struck up different poses as she showed off the couture brand’s crime scene-influenced purse.

Fans didn’t find the Instagram post intriguing. They wondered if this was her cry for help. Others thought it was her last-ditched attempt at relevancy. Most of them took to the comment section to share their brutally honest thoughts.

  • “No. Absolutely not.”
  • “What happened to you, Madonna?”
  • “You need to stop.”
  • “Stop trying to be something you are not. No need to try you’re already an icon. Now you just look like you’re trying to be 20 years old.”
  • “You [are] already old granny. Trying so hard to look younger but life goes on.”
Madonna Shows Her Booty [Madonna | Instagram]
[Madonna | Instagram]

Madonna fans saddened by living legend

Not all of the comments were this harsh. Some fans genuinely felt sad for Madonna. They feel that she’s tarnished her image and living legend status with this staged photo shoots. Others argued that she doesn’t have to do anything for shock value since she’s achieved success in her career.

“She’s become a caricature of herself. You can’t take her seriously anymore, so sad,” one wrote. However, not all the fans are here to criticize her social media. Some of them are showing their support for Madonna. Another added: “It’s heartbreaking seeing all the hate in the comments.”

Some applauded the pop star for refusing to age gracefully. Others complimented her hot handbag. Madonna continues to stir attention with her social media posts on both Instagram and TikTok. She found a new way to get people to talk about her art.

What are your thoughts on Madonna’s latest b*tt post? Do you agree with the criticism that she needs to stop? Or, do you think she can do whatever she wants? Sound off below in the comment section.

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