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Fans Appalled At Meri Brown’s Recent Display Of Spitefulness?


Meri Brown is a member of the Sister Wives family some people love and some people hate. There usually isn’t a happy medium with fans when it comes to Kody’s first wife. Sadly, some Sister Wives fans are coming out of the woodwork to admit they’ve been a fan of Meri for a long time. They, however, have been completely turned off by her over the last couple seasons of the show.

Meri Brown has lost all dignity

During last season and this new season, Sister Wives fans have been uncomfortable as they’ve watched Meri Brown become giddy and flirty at the thought of Kody giving her attention. Fans beg Meri to find some dignity and leave Kody for a man who loves her the way she loves him. During this season of Sister Wives, Kody has admitted that he wouldn’t care if Meri left him for another man. Kody all but gave his blessing and offered to help her pack if she found someone else to be with. Fans are perplexed as to why Meri would continue to stay with someone who doesn’t want her.

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Cold and spiteful toward Christine Brown

During last week’s episode of Sister Wives, fans were disgusted as they watched Meri Brown walk right passed an emotional Christine without a drop of support. Meri had nothing to say during the heated discussion. She giggled and smiled in what fans described as a truly cringy moment when Kody ushered to Meri and encouraged her to add to the conversation. Fans agreed it was awkward that Meri lit up because she got a second of attention from Kody. But, fans were also floored she thought it was the right time to giggle and laugh.

It was when Meri blew past an emotional Christine Brown who was struggling to say goodbye to her family to comfort Robyn that really turned fans off to her completely, though.

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One frustrated fan penned: “But after seeing the way she walked past Christine without even an acknowledgment after not saying a word during the conversation and looking totally disinterested, I realize she really is just a mean, spiteful woman. And her going to comfort Robyn just puts the icing on the cake.”

Were you team Meri Brown? Have the past two seasons made you see a different side of her you don’t care for? Let us know in the comments. And, keep coming back for more Sister Wives news.

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  1. It has become very apparent that Meri is the creator and the reason there were Sister Wives. She has said that she was the one who pushed for polygamy. In her mind Christine has destroyed their money maker. And she did. Christine was always the center of the money. Meri was legally married to Kody with only one child and Meri worked. Janelle worked while Christine stayed at home, took care of the children and she was the single mother who was eligible for all the food stamps and welfare. If Christine goes to Utah and starts hollering child support and visitation Kody can be sure Utah will be after him. He broadcast to the whole world about his children and wives. Christine leaving isn’t just the fall of Kody’s empire, it’s the fall of Meri because without Meri there would never have been a story.

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