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‘Sister Wives’ Meri Brown Shamed & Kicked While She’s Down?

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Avid Sister Wives fans know that the rest of the family tends to treat Meri Brown poorly. Kody decided he has no romantic feelings for her and she doesn’t get along well with most of her sister wives. She also doesn’t seem to have a strong connection with many of the family’s children aside from her own child, Leon.

Ever since the catfishing scandal surfaced, Meri Brown has really struggled to find her place in the family. Many fans wish she would follow in Christine’s footsteps and leave Kody. However, Meri maintains that she’s happy where she is.

Even though she’s clearly feeling down, Meri is choosing to stay put. But some of Kody’s words from this week’s episode seemed to really hurt her.

Meri Brown suffers a low blow from Kody this week

It’s gotten to the point where many Sister Wives fans think that Meri is delusional for staying with Kody. No matter how poorly he treats her, she clings to him and insists that she’s perfectly happy.

Meri Brown from Sister Wives, Instagram
Meri Brown/Instagram

However, her behavior on camera tells a bit of a different story.

During the infamous “knife in the kidneys” speech, Kody completely unloads on Christine while Meri watches smugly. In a talking head, she admits that she was glad Kody finally said something to Christine about walking out on the family and her “bad behavior” over the years.

According to Kody, Christine never made an effort to get along with her sister wives over the years. In another talking head, Meri confirms that she’s seen Christine be spiteful to herself and Robyn.

But before Kody finally leaves, he thanks Christine for coming into the family and “cleaning up the mess” he found himself in at the time. It’s an uncomfortable moment for viewers — and for people on camera too. Meri appears crestfallen and later admits in a talking head she knows that comment was probably directed at her.

Several fans have been agitated with Meri Brown for years now, but this was definitely a sad scene to watch. Many viewers really felt like Kody kicked Meri while she was already down and out.

The TLC star finds love and support with friends instead of family

These days, Meri Brown doesn’t seem interested in strengthening connections with her family either. She seems more focused on fostering relationships with her “found” family instead. The TLC star frequently uploads pictures of fun outings with friends to her Instagram page.

Meri and Kody may still be spiritually married, but she doesn’t seem interested in spending a lot of time with him at the moment either.

Meri Brown from Sister Wives, Instagram
Meri Brown/Instagram

Check back for more information on Meri Brown and the rest of the Sister Wives cast. New episodes come out each Sunday night at 10 PM eastern time, so don’t forget to tune in and stay informed.

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