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‘Sister Wives’ Fans Agree What Kody Brown’s Next Job Should Be

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In the most recent episode of Sister Wives, Kody Brown went off on an embarrassing rant. By the end, he left and fans watching at home could only roll their eyes. Many felt this was a perfect audition for a job Kody could get if his reality TV career falls through.

Here is a look at what fans are saying about Kody’s recent rant to Christine on Sister Wives.

Kody Brown goes off on Christine on Sister Wives

Kody by Robyn in Sister Wives | episode screencap

Kody Brown completely went off on Christine about her leaving him on the recent episode of Sister Wives. While his words were mostly hypocritical, it was how he said it that seemed to really went over the top. He stood up from where he was sitting and started talking. However, he then paused and moved into a better position on the porch to continue.

It was almost like he was trying to get into a better camera position, placed right next to Robyn. This allowed the camera to focus mostly on him while he was talking. Robyn also remained in the frame so she could show her tears through his rant while keeping Christine out of the shot until it was time for her to react. The camera position still allowed Janelle to roll her eyes through his speech.

What really stood out was Kody’s overacting during his speech. He made long dramatic pauses and then highlighted certain words when he was making his point. When he talked about the “knife in the kidneys” (which ended up as the title of the episode), it really struck home. It was like Kody learned how to emote by watching William Shatner act.

Sister Wives fans go off on Kody after his rant

Kody and Robyn on Sister Wives | episode screencap

Sister Wives fans on Reddit had a field day with this scene. One Redditor created a post with the title, “I know Kody doesn’t like to hold down a job but if anyone is looking for a Junior High Amateur Drama Teacher; I got your man here.” They accompanied the post with a photo from the scene.

This led to an onslaught of jokes at Kody’s expense. One responded, “I was waiting for him to look at Robyn and say “Line!” Or for her to say ‘keep going, just like we practiced.'” Another pointed out that “when he paused Robyn looked back at him waiting for him to say the next words, when he did she looked away and started crying again?”

Several others mentioned the comparison to William Shatner’s dramatic delivery of lines, with one saying that even Shatner isn’t that overly dramatic. “William would have delivered it much better, in his distinctive way —- way more pregnant pauses,” one fan mentioned.

Finally, one commenter said what everyone was thinking. “The act was so bad I got embarrassed,” which received 34 likes to this point.

What were your thoughts on Kody Brown’s terrible acting on this week’s Sister Wives? Could he have a career as a junior high drama teacher? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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