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‘Sister Wives’ Fans Agree Robyn Brown Is Worse Than Dirt

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Kody said that Christine treated Robyn Brown like dirt. He alleged that this behavior went on for years. That is seemingly the crux of his anger toward his former third wife. However, Sister Wives fans are chiming in on this allegation. They have never really cared for Robyn. In fact, they believe that she is actually worse than dirt and have taken to Reddit to express their feelings. What are they comparing the mother of five to? Read on for more details.

Sister Wives Fans Agree Robyn Brown Is Worse Than Dirt

In the latest episode, Kody could not contain his anger anymore. He has maintained that Christine’s failure to connect with Robyn and her children caused the downfall of their marriage. According to Christine, they had problems before Robyn entered the family. Finally, Kody exclaimed that Christine had treated Robyn like dirt for years. However, fans do not see it that way. Actually, they think that Robyn is worse than dirt. So, what exactly do they believe that she is?

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A Reddit thread was started to address this and why they believe Robyn is actually worse than dirt. It began with: “‘She’s treated you like dirt from the very beginning…’…I feel that statement is unfair to dirt. Dirt is useful.” That was followed up with: “He’s hours away kissing Robyn (premaritally- big cultural no no) while Christine is going into labor and then goes on an 11 day honeymoon while Christine is home with an infant but Robyn is the one being treated like dirt. OK, got it Kody.”

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Another Redditor went on to add: “MAKE IT MAKE SENSE!!! There are 12 years of receipts on film proving that’s a lie.” Someone felt that it was all projection. Kody had been treating Christine like dirt for a decade therefore he was accusing her of treating Robyn like that. Others want to see the footage of Christine’s horrid treatment of Robyn. It is all about the receipts.

What Is Mrs. Brown The Fourth If  Not Dirt?

Robyn Brown was called foul just like Kody by one Redditor. Initially, the OP alluded to the idea that Robyn just was useless, unlike dirt which actually serves a purpose. There was also a comment stating that it was actually the reverse and that Robyn actually treated Christine poorly. It just seems that Kody and Robyn are on their own island where he will say and do whatever he can to lift them both up. Does he really believe that Christine treated Robyn like dirt? He just seems extremely sour over the whole situation so he is pulling out all of the stops, even if they don’t add up.

What are your thoughts on Robyn Brown in this whole situation? Worse than dirt or not worth your time? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.



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