Kody Brown Rages At Christine For Pitting Children Against Him

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Kody Brown believes Christine pitted their children against him. He won’t take any accountability for his behavior at all. When they all met at Christine’s in episode 9, tensions started to flare. Kody brought up the children and how Christine had been talking to them about leaving prior to announcing her departure. Then, in this week’s episode, he went off on the mother of six and vented all of his frustrations directly at her. Read on for more details.

Kody Brown Rages At Christine For Pitting Kids Against Him

In the latest episode of Sister Wives, Kody’s emotions got the best of him. He went off on Christine over everything. One issue he had was that he felt she was the reason for the distance between him and his kids. He believed that she had been chirping in their ears for so long that they had a skewed vision of who he was. However, Christine countered what he had to say. She let him know many of the problems actually began with Covid.

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There was a time when they had first really addressed their split. She was talking about how many times he had been over to her house to be with her and her girls. It was so minimal but she stated that this went back to before the pandemic. He had not been a truly active participant in their lives since moving to Flagstaff. Furthermore, he had not wanted to come around and see Janelle or Christine and their kids as he felt they had not been obeying his pandemic protocols.

Someone To Blame

Kody Brown has been struggling with the divorce for some time now. It even weighed heavily on him during Ysabel’s graduation/birthday party. He claimed that he felt a dark cloud over his head the entire time because he was in this dark place. According to Robyn, they have never had this many issues in their marriage as they do now. Kody has had so much anger inside of him and he is taking it out on her. Part of plural marriage means that he is supposed to rotate homes.

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However, he is never at Meri’s and Janelle is currently staying in an RV which he refuses to be at. Therefore, all of the weight and stress is falling on Robyn. So, it appears that Kody just has this anger and rage inside that he has to unleash. He is mad that his kids don’t want to talk to him and that his family is falling apart. This loss of control is causing him to act out so Christine is his current target.

Do you think Christine is the reason why Kody Brown has such a poor relationship with some of his children? Or is it on him to do better than he has been? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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