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Exhausted ‘American Pickers’ Crew Working Overtime?

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The exhausted American Pickers crew is working overtime. They want to deliver the best episodes to their dedicated fans. This comes amid the news of the plummeting ratings and timeslot shakeup. The History Channel series hasn’t aired a new episode in several weeks, leading to concerns about its future.

As TV Shows Ace previously reported, Robert Wolfe shared an update about the show. He revealed that the new season is currently in production. Robert continues to share updates on Instagram. The new host took a picture of the sleepy crew and posted it on Instagram.

Mike & Robert Wolfe [Instagram]

Robert Wolfe says the crew is “working hard”

Amid the show’s extended hiatus, Robert Wolfe assures fans that the entire American Pickers crew is “working hard.” The long-running series has been at the center of cancellation rumors. It’s never been off the air for this long. It’s been the center of poor ratings and bad reviews.

Robert Wolfe, also known as Robbie, took to Instagram to share the latest update. He revealed that the crew is wiping themselves out in order to give fans the best entertainment possible. The photo shows them piled into the front passenger seat as a car. They’re trying to get some rest in-between takes.

“It’s Monday and I called shotgun,” Robbie wrote in the caption of the Instagram post. “The crew working hard bringing all-new American Pickers in January.”

American Pickers Crew Members [Robert Wolfe | Instagram]
[Robert Wolfe | Instagram]
He confirmed that the new season of American Pickers premieres in January 2023. However, some fans aren’t pleased with this news. Some of them are wondering what happened to the current season. History Channel hasn’t aired a new episode since the summertime.

“We need more New Episodes!! A few weeks is just not enough man!” one fan wrote.

Many American Pickers fans have stormed social media in recent weeks. They’ve been looking for answers about their favorite program. However, the network has kept quiet on that front. The only promising thing is that a new season is coming next year.

American Pickers suffers low ratings

Robbie’s update comes after American Pickers continues to suffer low ratings. It used to attract 5.3 million viewers over a decade ago. Unfortunately, that’s not the case anymore. The series has been on a steep decline.

In August, the show had a dramatic drop in viewership after it moved to its new timeslot of 8 p.m. instead of 9 p.m. Fans were confused why it made the move without warning them. The network has made many questionable moves with the show. Even by choosing to air throwback episodes of Ancient Aliens instead.

What are your thoughts on the American Pickers crew working overtime? Do you think the show is worth the wait? Can you even wait that long? Sound off below in the comment section.

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