Carlin Bates’ Blatant Disrespect Disturbs ‘Bringing Up Bates’ Fans

Carlin Bates - YouTube

Carlin Bates recently shared something online that fans believe was blatantly disrespectful. Now, Bringing Up Bates fans are calling her out for it. What did she do that hasn’t been well-received by her social media followers?

Carlin Bates is no stranger to criticism.

If you follow Carlin on social media, you may know that she has been called out in the past. Fans often criticize her for the way she parents her children or for sharing too many personal, private moments so publicly. She has 330,000 Instagram followers, so lots of people have the opportunity to see her posts. And fans feel that she sometimes crosses a line with the photos and videos she shares due to the number of followers she has.

Carlin Bates - YouTube

Carlin Bates’ family mourns a tragic loss.

As TV Shows Ace reported, Kelly Jo Bates’ mother Betty Jo Pitcher passed away last week after RSV complications. Many family members posted some of their favorite memories with their Meema on social media.

Over this past weekend, the Bates family attended her funeral and the celebration of her life. At the funeral, Carlin took several photos and videos and posted them on her Instagram Stories.

Bringing Up Bates fans are disturbed by her recent choice.

One recent video, in particular, has left Carlin Bates’ social media followers disturbed. They feel that it’s disrespectful and takes over-sharing to another level. In the video, Katie Bates’ husband Travis Clark is singing during the service.

You can watch the video below, which was posted to Carlin’s Instagram Stories.

On Reddit, fans posted about Carlin Bates’ recent video of Travis singing at the wedding, as well as the other photos she shared from this somber event. And many agree that she crossed a line.

“Since when did funerals become about making a social media post. Can these influencers not take a break for a day to give privacy and respect to something as sensitive as a family member’s funeral?” someone said. They added that there is a difference between taking photos and videos for memories and posting them online for hundreds of thousands of people to see.

Another fan chimed in, “I think it is tacky too. I cried so hysterically at my grandma and my mom’s funerals, there was no way I even thought about Instagram in that moment.”

One fan speculated about why Carlin posted these intimate photos. They wrote, “They could be desensitized because they had a tv show for years.”

Below, you can see a couple of the other photos Carlin shared of the funeral and celebration of Meema’s life.

Carlin Bates - Instagram

So, do you think it was disrespectful of Carlin Bates to share this video from her grandmother’s funeral? Do you think this should have been kept private? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Bates family. Keep the Bringing Up Bates stars in your thoughts and prayers amid this hard time.

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