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TLC’s Dr. Eric Smith Educates On Good & Great Bariatric Surgeons

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Dr. Eric Smith is pretty well known to TLC viewers. He’s made many appearances on different shows involving patients with bariatric health needs. Most notably, he took on Tammy Slaton as a patient.

Tammy Slaton’s hostility and unwillingness to commit to change has made her a difficult patient. But even so, Dr. Smith is not willing to give up on her. If 1000-Lb. Sisters comes back for another season, fans are hoping to see more of him too.

For now, he’s giving follows small updates and glimpses of his practice on Instagram. See what he had to say recently.

Dr. Eric Smith gives followers a glimpse inside his practice

Dr. Smith takes excellent care of his patients. He even helped Tammy’s brother Chris Combs too. Dr. Smith took some time to recognize Chris for his hard work and gave him a shout-out on his Instagram page.

He hasn’t had much to say about the cast of 1000-Lb. Sisters recently, but he’s still actively practicing medicine.

“A GOOD bariatric surgeon knows all about the anatomy that he or she is operating on. A GREAT bariatric surgeon knows the motivation behind their patient’s choice for surgery,” Dr. Smith captioned his Instagram post. In the photo, he’s having another member of his practice tie up his gown. 

It’s pretty clear that Dr. Smith could probably be considered a great bariatric surgeon. TLC fans have seen him appear in a variety of programs. He always seems to take his patients’ health seriously and goes above and beyond to help them. He even made a house call to visit Tammy Slaton at one point.

Dr. Eric Smith from Instagram
Dr. Eric Smith/Instagram

The post didn’t have many comments, but it does appear that Dr. Smith has an active fanbase of his own. Followers praised Dr. Smith for being a great surgeon.

Dr. Eric Smith from Instagram
Dr. Eric Smith/Instagram

This isn’t the first time Dr. Smith has taken fans behind the scenes. Followers would love to see more posts like this one.

What do you think about Dr. Smith’s abilities as a bariatric surgeon? Don’t forget to leave your own thoughts and opinions in the comments below.

What does the future look like for 1000-Lb. Sisters?

TLC still hasn’t had much to say about 1000-Lb. Sisters, but fans are hoping to hear news about a new season by the end of the year. There definitely would be a lot of content to cover. For example, Tammy is engaged and hoping to get married very soon. She reportedly fell in love with someone in rehab and they bonded over similar interests. After all the challenges she’s faced in life, fans just want the best for Tammy.

Stay tuned for more information on Dr. Eric Smith and the rest of the 1000-Lb. Sisters cast!

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