Deb Chubb & Jesse Bray On Love Island USA [Peacock | YouTube]

‘Love Island USA’: Deb Chubb & Jesse Bray Still Together?

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Deb Chubb revealed if she’s still dating Jesse Bray. The two met inside the villa on Love Island USA Season 4. Viewers weren’t sure if they were going to stay together. Read on to see more and to get an update.

Deb Chubb & Jesse Bray’s hot-and-cold romance

The two were coupled up since the start of Love Island USA Season 4. Deb Chubb and Jesse Bray were smitten with one another. However, their romance was hot-and-cold. Deb wasn’t sure if Jesse was truly into her.

That was especially the case when other islanders would spark his interest. Jesse’s head would turn whenever a blonde and blue-eyed girl entered the villa. Yet, he claimed that he only had eyes for Deb.

Deb Chubb & Jesse Bray [Peacock | YouTube]
[Peacock | YouTube]
Their relationship was tested during Casa Amor when the couples had to split up. The girls stayed at the villa, while the guys went to the other side of the island where the Casa Amor house was. Deb Chubb had her eye on Kyle Fraser, who wasn’t shy about expressing his interest in her.

From the start, he made it clear that he was only there for Deb. It sounded too good to be true for both Deb and the viewers at home. That’s because it was. During their time in Casa Amor, Kyle and Deb grew close.

Debb Chubb Interested In Kyle Fraser [Peacock | YouTube]
[Peacock | YouTube]
She even let him kiss her and give her a massage. However, their time was quickly cut short after she returned to the villa with Kyle. Jesse came back from Casa Amor single and was heartbroken. He also gave the most graceful speech in Love Island USA history.

Within a few days, Kyle quietly left the villa for “personal reasons.” Those reasons were his alleged past coming back to haunt him. Several women who were involved with Kyle alleged that he assaulted them. Deb recoupled with Jesse and they made it until the end, even though she only liked him as a friend.

Love Island USA Season 4 alum shares update

In an exclusive interview with E! Online, Deb Chubb shared an update about the status of her relationship with Jesse. The two made their relationship official before leaving the villa. Two months after the season finale, Deb confirmed they’re still dating. Jesse has made the big move to California to spend more time with her.

Yet, they’re still in a long-distance relationship. Jesse and Deb live about an hour away, which is difficult with Los Angeles traffic. The couple wants to focus on building their respective careers together. The former islanders are determined to make it work.

Deb Chubb & Jesse Bray On Date [Peacock | YouTube]
[Peacock | YouTube]
“He moved in with one of his friends,” Deb Chubb told E! News. “He’s getting adjusted and we’re all trying to figure out our next career moves. It’s hard to see each other all the time, but we’re doing good.”

The reality star likened her time on Love Island USA to “relationship bootcamp.” Deb learned how to share what she wants with a man. She also feels more comfortable speaking her mind. This has made it easier for their relationship.

Are you surprised to learn that Deb Chubb and Jesse Bray are still together? Do you think they’ll last? Sound off below in the comment section.

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