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Christine Brown Tells Robyn & Meri She Wants Distance

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Christine Brown made it clear that once she moves to Utah, she wants distance. In the latest episode of Sister Wives, everyone tried to figure out where they stood. Once Kody’s former third wife leaves Flagstaff, it was a big question as to where they would all stand. Would she remain close with her former sister wives? What about the children? Read on for more details.

Christine Brown Wants Distance From Two Sister Wives

While sitting on Christine’s porch, she revealed that she was moving in a week. Her home had been sold so she and Truely would be leaving. This was not easy news for any of the wives to hear. More so, Kody struggled with it and his anger came out like crazy. Of course, Robyn was quite curious as to where Christine stood with the children and the wives. Christine had said that once she left, she wanted distance from everything for a little while. Yet, what did that mean?

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Robyn needed clarification. Christine gave her just that. She explained that she and Janelle were very close so they would remain that way. However, when it came to Robyn and Meri, she wanted distance from them. Her reasoning made perfect sense. She believed that Robyn had not been talking kindly behind her back. So why would she want to stay close to someone who was like that? This hurt Robyn deep down and she could not hide it.

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Meri felt that it was enough that she just wanted to walk away. Christine did share that she would be around for family reunions and such. Yet, for this exact time, it was just best if they kept their space. Meri and Robyn ultimately walked away with Janelle staying behind to console Christine. After that, what else is there to say?

Not A Cohesive Unit

Last week, Kody pointed out that the kids are not even close anymore. He said that three of Christine Brown’s kids are close to three of Janelle’s. Unfortunately, he feels like his kids with Robyn are off in a corner, and Meri’s child, Leon is doing their own thing. Janelle felt that was just seeing the family through Robyn’s eyes. She feels her youngest children got jilted in the family and won’t grow up the same as her eldest. It will be really hard but Robyn is adamant that they rebuild the best that they can.

Do you think Christine Brown is fair to want distance from Meri and Robyn? Should she try to stay all-inclusive or is it time she does things the way she wants? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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  1. If they’re not close now, why expect anything different? At some point things could change, but at least in the near term, it makes perfect sense.

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