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Who Is Bride On ‘The Masked Singer’? Breaking Down The Clues

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The latest winner on The Masked Singer came out dressed as a giant pink dinosaur in a wedding gown and veil. However, what shocked the judges was the fact this was a male singer. After the song, and the clues package, and then a second performance, the judges all gave their guesses. However, it seems they could be missing something obvious.

Here is a look at the clues and the panelist’s guesses. Keep reading to find out who it might be and why the guesses might be wrong.

The Bride’s clues and songs on The Masked Singer

The Bride coming out on The Masked Singer shocked people because no one expected this to be a male singer. There was also only one clue heading into the night, which is the way things have been this season on The Masked Singer.  Some think the new format seemingly makes the guessing game worthless. However, the clue this time was a wedding ring, which is actually pretty ingenious when it comes to who this singer really is.

Bride on The Masked Singer - YouTube
Bride on The Masked Singer – YouTube

When the show started, there were more clues. He has “smashed a rock,” he vowed to rock and threw a red rose. He tells “feel-good stories.” There is also a crown. He then said he “sells out arenas” and has an “appetite for destroying things.” He breathed fire on someone. He has also been in some “messy feuds.”

Bride then sang “Shut Up and Dance” by Walk to Moon and then won the battle by singing “All Star” by Smash Mouth. Later, both George Foreman (Venus Fly Trap) and George Clinton (Gopher) went home.

The guesses were all over the place as to who the Bride could be. Nicole Scherzinger guessed it could be Jean-Claude Van Damme or Steven Seagal, and noted that the accent sounded like David Coverdale. However, judge Joel McHale thought the British accent was fake. Meanwhile, Robin Thicke guessed Carrot Top. Jenny McCarthy-Wahlberg should have guessed, because she came up with this celebrities name last season on The Masked Singer.

Who is Bride on The Masked Singer?

For some, clues and panelist guesses were not needed. This was one of the first times on The Masked Singer that it was simple for some to guess who this was based on his voice. Listen to the video below. Fans of professional wrestling might know immediately who this is.

It seems that the voice gave this singer away away. Bride is Chris Jericho. That is clearly Jericho’s voice singing under the mask and he didn’t even try to hide it. The wedding ring represents the wrestling ring. He “”smashed a rock,” by beating Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Stone Cold Steve Austin for his first world title in WWE.

He vowed to rock – and he is a rock star, the lead singer of the metal band Fozzy. He tells “feel-good stories” both on his podcast and, in a way, in the wrestling ring. He “sells out arenas,” both in AEW and before that in WWE. He has an “appetite for destroying things,” which accurately describes his wrestling career. His breathing fire on someone is also a recent gimmick where he throws fireballs. “Messy feuds” is self explanatory.

What are your thoughts on Bride on The Masked Singer? Did you guess who it was, and do you think we might be wrong? Let us know in the comments below.

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