Used with UPtv's permission

UPtv’s ‘A Tiny Home Christmas’ Is Designed For Love

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UPtv’s Most Uplifting Christmas Ever’s next movie is A Tiny Home Christmas. This is part of the Christmas Spirit Weekend.

A Tiny Home Christmas stars Rebecca Dalton (Lemonade Stand Romance, Dream Wedding), Christopher Seivright (Take Note, Plane, Trains, And Christmas Trees), Kent Sheridan (Chesapeake Shores, Colors Of Love), Kathy Northwood (Man Seeking Woman), Josette Jorge (Love In Wolf Creek, Bakugan: Battle Planet), Ron Lea (Cooking Up Love, It Takes A Christmas Village), Jim Annan, Tara Yelland, Kym Wyatt McKenzie, Ann Pirvu, Jamie Spilchuk, and Kathy Maloney (Styled With Love, Bad Influence).

Allegra Newman and Kate Pragnell (Heart Of The Holidays, Cabin Connection) wrote the script, and Bill Corcoran (The Story Of Love, Christmas In Toyland) is the director.

Used with UPtv's permission
Used with UPtv’s permission

What Is UPtv’s A Tiny Home Christmas About?

According to the UPtv synopsis, “In order to save her family’s contracting business, Blair (Dalton) reluctantly teams up with her ex-boyfriend and former co-star of a hit home design reality show to build a tiny home for the unsheltered in the community, rekindling old sparks in the process… and just in time for Christmas.”

When Can You Watch A Tiny Home Christmas?

The premiere of A Tiny Home Christmas is on Saturday, November 12, at 7 p.m., Eastern, on UPtv.

Encore showings include Friday, November 18, at 10 p.m., and Saturday, December 3, at 1 a.m., Eastern.

Don’t Miss UPtv’s Small Town Christmas Weekend 

Next weekend is UPtv’s Small Town Christmas Weekend. These are the movies where characters go back home and remember the simpler life.

The first movie is The Holiday Switch. This premieres on Saturday, November 19, at 7 p.m., Eastern, on UPtv.

In addition, this movie stars Alex Paxton-Beesley (Murdoch Mysteries, The Bold Type), and Morgan David Jones (When Hope Calls, Hotel For The Holidays).

According to IMDb, at the airport, two people mistakenly take each other’s luggage. They don’t know each other. Therefore, they need to look into the contents of the other’s luggage to figure out who the owner is, and where their luggage is. But, can they do this before Christmas?

The next movie is Christmas Lucky Charm. This holiday movie premieres on Sunday, November 20, at 7 p.m. Eastern.

Moreover, Sugenja Sri (Designated Survivor, The Handmaid’s Tale), and Adrian Spencer (Christmas In Maple Hills, Heartland) star in this holiday movie. 

Although Jessica has dated a lot of great guys, it always turns out that after they break up, the guy finds the love of their life.

Therefore, Jessica has decided she is done dating. She is going to focus on her career and live her best life.

However, when a gorgeous gallery owner moves across the street, Jessica starts to regret her pledge to be single. Should she try to find love one more time?

Are you enjoying UPtv’s Most Uplifting Christmas Ever?

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