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Two ‘Love Island USA’ Couples Back Together A Year Later

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The most controversial couple in the third season of Love Island USA seemed to be Will Moncada and Kyra Lizama. The two connected as soon as Will showed up in the villa and stayed together to the finale. They finished in second place, but the problem was that people felt they knew each other before the reality dating show.

While both denied it, Will and Kyra looked like a sure thing when they left the show. However, after Will went to Mexico for a photo shoot and had incriminating videos leaked back, the two broke up. It looks like they might be back together again.

Love Island’s Will and Kyra back together

Will, Kyra, Josh, Shannon from Love Island USA - IG
Will, Kyra, Josh, Shannon from Love Island USA – IG

Not one couple from Love Island USA’s third season is still together. For Will and Kyra, it seemed they would last. There were people, including former Islander Christian Longnecker, who accused them of possibly knowing each other ahead of time. However, when the show ended, nothing could break them up. This was even when other Islanders like Olivia Kaiser and Trina Njoroge actively tried to.

The two even double dated with fellow Islander Leslie Golden, who was at the time dating a former Love Island USA cast member. However, after Will went to Mexico to shoot a commercial, videos and photos leaked back that showed him getting intimate with other women. When he came back, the two quietly broke up. While some thought they were secretly still together, Will had a new girl on his arm at Coachella that year.

However, maybe time heals all wounds. In a new Instagram video, Will and Kyra were together in a bathtub in the middle of the desert. Both Will and Kyra posted it on their IG accounts. That also wasn’t the only post with the two of them back together. Will also posted a video of him and Kyra supporting industrial farms. In October, the two even had a date night, so this looks like the two are an ongoing couple once again.

Will and Kyra IG

Shannon and Josh were also together recently

One of the most popular couples from the third season of Love Island USA was easily Josh Goldstein and Shannon St. Clair. The two left the show early voluntarily after Josh’s sister suddenly died. However, they stayed together and even moved to Florida together. Sadly, that ended their relationship. Shannon wanted to go back to Pennsylvania and Josh wanted to stay in Florida.

This past Halloween, Josh and Shannon were back together for a Halloween party. They looked like they were cozying up well together as well. For people wanting to see them back together, it looks promising. Josh and Shannon both posted to their IG Stories today and they are both in Jupiter, Florida. It looks like love might have a second chance.

Josh and Shannon from Love Island - Instagram
Josh and Shannon from Love Island – Instagram

Are you excited about these Love Island USA couples possibly giving love a second chance? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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