‘SW’ Fans Realize The Real Reason Kody Brown Is So Cranky

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Sister Wives fans cannot figure out why Kody Brown is chronically cranky. He has said sometimes it has to do with his disdain for plural marriage. In other instances, he just cannot get his kids to work with him or a wife is acting out. However, it appears that fans have finally hit the nail on the head. They have realized the real reason why Kody is always so cranky. Read on for more details.

Why Is Kody Brown So Cranky?

Kody has an attitude all of the time, it seems. At Christmas 2020, he claimed that there was a dark cloud over him. Then, at Ysabel’s graduation/birthday party, he was moping the whole time. He said it was hard to be happy because of the divorce between him and Christine. However, this is seemingly his personality a large majority of the time. The father of eighteen always has a puss on. Now fans think have suddenly realized the real reason he is always so cranky.

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During a rewatch, there was a scene when Kody is hugging Robyn and says: “You’re beautiful enough that you don’t need to be able to cook.” This ended up on Reddit and fans now have the understanding that with Christine gone, Kody will never have a good home-cooked meal again. Therefore, that is the crux of his crankiness. “I had an epiphany about why Kody is SO angry. He just realized he’s never getting another good meal in his life unless he pays for it,” the thread started.

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To be fair, Christine was the main homemaker in the family and even went on to have her own cooking show. In response to his comment to Robyn, one Redditor shared this: “This is the meanest fucking thing a guy could say, knowing he has multiple other wives who cook ????? It’s like he was calling Christine unattractive openly.” Finally, someone noted: “I’m betting that one of The Nanny’s duties is cooking.”

He Needs A Full Belly

Christine was always the main homemaker in the family for years. She did all of the child-rearing and cooking for the Browns. Kody even mentioned that she was a breath of fresh air when she came into the family. Plus, she was always a “yes” wife. Then, she realized she was spreading herself too thin so she had to cut back on doing everything. That was when Robyn came in but she needed a nanny to run her house, unlike Christine. Though the marriage was failing, it seems that there is a lot that Kody is going to miss and one is most likely her amazing cooking.

Do you think the good down-home cooking is a reason why Kody Brown is so cranky? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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