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‘Percy Jackson’ Author Confirms Debut Of New Greek Gods

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After two successful movies, Percy Jackson franchise fans were disappointed that the third movie didn’t make the cut. However, the story is now being adapted into a Disney+ TV series and the author just confirmed the debut of three new Olympians in the series. Who are these Greek gods? Keep reading to find out the details!

Author Rick Riordan Criticizes Percy Jackson Movies

Based on the fantasy novels by Rick Riordan, rumors about a possible TV series started to surface in May 2020. The news was confirmed by Riordan and his wife in a video they uploaded to the website. Riordan authored five books published between 2005 and 2009. It introduced to fans a 12-year-old Demigod named Percy Jackson. He is the son of the Greek God Poseidon.

Percy Jackson And The Olympians YouTube

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The novels inspired two movies. The first one, titled Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lighting Thief, premiered in February 2010. The second movie, Percy Jackson: Sea Of Monsters, premiered in August 2013. Both have been widely criticized by the fans and Riordan himself. So, when given a chance to continue the saga through a TV series, the author was initially skeptical. However, he did give it a go hoping the TV series does justice to the story.

The God Of Dead To Play A Major Role In The Disney+ TV Series

The upcoming series, Percy Jackson And The Olympians, recently revealed details of its cast. Earlier this week, Hamilton star Lin-Manuel Miranda joined the series helming in the role of Hermes. As per ComicBook, he is the messenger godly parent of Luke Castellan, the series’ antagonist. Apart from this Jason Mantzoukas will play Dionysus alongside Adam Copeland as Ares.

Percy Jack And The Olympians YouTube

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That being said, another major Greek god will be joining the series soon. Taking to his website, Riordan, who is also the executive producer of the series, shared the details of this new god. As per Riordan, the god of the dead will also play a major role in the series.

He wrote, “I had a lovely chat with the god Hades. Can’t tell you who it is yet, but he did such a great job. And wow, the Underworld set! Amazing stuff as usual from our art and design team.”

Percy Jack And The Olympians YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

This confirms that the god of the dead will be a big part of the first season of the upcoming series.

Percy Jackson Season 1 To Revive Zeus And Poseidon

Apart from Hades, Riordan also confirmed that Zeus and Poseidon will also be a part of the first season. However, details of who will portray the gods are currently unknown. The author did reveal that no familiar face from the movie franchise will be seen in the TV spinoff to keep things fresh. Percy Jackson And The Olympians’ production is underway and isn’t expected to premiere before 2024.

Percy Jack And The Olympians YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

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