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‘Today’ Fans Grow More Concerned: Is Al Roker Alright?

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Today fans are growing concerned about Al Roker after the anchor was absent, yet again, from the daily news program. Dylan Dreyer has taken his spot throughout the week and none of his co-hosts have commented on why Roker is out. So, where is Al Roker and is he alright? Here’s everything that has been revealed thus far.

Al’s TV Absence Comes After Odd Live Moments

Al Roker was recently named among People’s Sexiest Men Alive. The magazine named him the Sexiest Television Host Alive. However, despite his good looks, he hasn’t been able to avoid some on-air blunders recently.

Carson Daly talking with Al Roker on 'Today' - YouTube/TODAY

Credit: YouTube/TODAY

Just last week, Roker cut off fellow anchor Carson Daly. At the time, Carson was talking about the new A Christmas Story sequel coming out. As Carson was speaking, Al hollered out a line from the classic film. The other hosts involved in the discussion clearly looked thrown off by the outburst. While Carson was able to maintain a straight face and continue what he was saying, Hoda Kotb, Savannah Guthrie, and Craig Melvin all busted out laughing.

This isn’t the only recent outburst Al Roker has had on the Today show either. He and Craig shared a few NSFW comments with each other about airplane seats. “Getting ready for travel for the holidays. A frequent complaint of flyers is shrinkage in airline seats,” he said. To which Craig replied, “The shrinkage, Jerry!” and Roker repeated the joke back to him. The line was from Seinfeld. 

Some viewers aren’t impressed with Al’s actions. Due to some of the more awkward moments on live television recently, fans are wondering about his absence.

Fans Want To Know: Is Al Roker Alright?

Today fans took to social media to try and find out what Al Roker has been up to. More importantly, they want to know when he will return.

Al Roker talking on 'Today' - YouTube/TODAY

Credit: YouTube/TODAY

“@alroker missing you in the am. Hurry back!,” one viewer wrote on Twitter. “Where is the #68th Sexiest Man In The World, Al Roker?” another posted.

Neither his co-hosts nor Al has spoken up about why he has been absent from the morning news show for a week. In fact, Roker has been fairly silent on social media since he’s gone MIA. So, there is no telling when fans will see him on Today again.

What do you think is going on with Al Roker? Is he just taking time off or is it something else? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. I USED to love watching all the “hours” of the morning. Now too much bickering and divas !! Hoda and Jenna gushing over guests and all suruapy is too much to watch….. Hoda is over the hill and needs to move on,,,,, All the sing song responses by guests and chefs is just too much!! Interesting guests are cut short for other reasons

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