‘SW’ Fans Convinced Robyn Brown Didn’t Marry Kody For Love

Robyn Brown looking distressed during interview on 'Sister Wives' - YouTube/TLC

Sister Wives fans have been busy figuring out what is happening behind the scenes following Season 17, which is currently airing on television. Many believe the family is falling apart, especially since Janelle and Christine Brown’s departure. At the same time, viewers blame Robyn Brown for the disintegration of the plural family. Now, fans are speculating whether or not Robyn actually married Kody for love. Continue reading to see what they’re saying.

The Case Against Robyn Brown

Fans of Sister Wives have soured against Robyn Brown. After joining the plural family, things started to shift in favor of Robyn. It seems, to fans, that she and Kody Brown have become a monogamous couple.

More importantly, it seems that Kody is neglecting all of his other wives and children to spend time with Robyn. At first, his excuses about not seeing the other family members were related to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, it seems that there is a permanent wedge in the family’s relationship as a whole.

Robyn Brown and Kody Brown looking at each other during interview for 'Sister Wives' - YouTube/TLC

Credit: YouTube/TLC

During Season 17, fans have seen Christine Brown leave the family. It has been confirmed that Janelle has also split from Kody. Many people believe that Robyn is to blame. After she entered the family, Kody neglected the other wives and their kids.

While she is not leaving, Meri Brown has also started to go about living their own life. Meri is traveling and running her B&B in Utah.

For fans, it is clear that Robyn Brown is his favorite wife, but they are not sure that she truly loves Kody Brown.

Did Robyn Ever Love Kody Brown?

Several fans of the TLC show took to Reddit to discuss why Robyn entered the plural family, to begin with. “Did Robyn ever like the family and/or Kody at all,” the Redditor asked.

The original poster started the discussion by writing, “She’s said it herself, she had ‘other choices.’ I have concluded that it’s quite obvious that Robyn married the first time for love & when that didn’t work out she looked around and manipulated/created the future she wanted for herself & her kids.”

They went on to say that she made herself into the woman she needed to be to get into the Brown family, but why? The Redditor said they wondered if she likes or has ever liked Kody (or anyone else in the family). Fans of the show were quick to sound off.

Reddit comment detailing thoughts on Robyn Brown and whether or not she loves Kody

Credit: Reddit

A few people theorized that Robyn needed help with her finances and her children. Others believed that she may have been eager for fame and wanted to get on television. Either way, they all believe she is acting to some extent and hungry for attention.

What do you think? Did Robyn Brown ever love Kody? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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