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Madonna Proudly Puts Tongue Where It Doesn’t Belong

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Madonna proudly put her tongue where it doesn’t belong. She shared her strangest Instagram post yet. The Queen of Pop has been making headlines for her bizarre photos and strange clips. The 64-year-old took to Instagram to show off her wild ways.

However, fans didn’t find it sexy or tantalizing. They want to un-see what they just saw. In the new clip, Madonna wore a furry green sweater with black elbow-length gloves and black sequined hot pants. She finished off the look with fishnet stockings, black thigh-high boots, and white framed sunglasses.

Madonna straddled a matching green and black motorcycle. She also did something else in the video that has fans scratching their heads. Read on to see what happens next in the provocative clip.

Madonna With Pink Hair [Madonna | Instagram]
[Madonna | Instagram]
Madonna With Pink Hair [Madonna | Instagram]
[Madonna | Instagram]

Provocateur Madonna catches heat for Instagram video

The video showed her next to a food pantry. It seems like Madonna was hankering for some late-night treats. In one shot, the “Hung Up” singer squatted over a bottle of sriracha. In another shot, Madonna got on all fours. She crawled to a dog bowl and licked from it.

Madonna's Instagram Video [Screenshots: Madonna | Instagram]
[Screenshots: Madonna | Instagram]
Fans immediately flocked to the comment section of her Instagram video. Some of them are slamming her for the “embarrassing” clip. Others simply called it disgusting. The pop star has left the video up on her Instagram account even though she’s got mocked for it.

  • “Come on that’s disgusting. Think about it, you got kids.”
  • “This is all screaming desperation to stay young or relevant. The last thing any of us would have expected from Madonna.”
  • “After 50 years of being an artist, your form of visual art went down to licking a dog bowl!!”
  • “If you’re creatively dried out… let it be… don’t ruin it for your lifetime fans who are used to getting the best out of you…”

Check out the entire Instagram video for yourself here.

Most Madonna fans aren’t happy with the pop star’s Instagram account. They think she’s doing “desperate” acts in order to become “relevant.” Others have been concerned about her social media behavior. They think she’s taken it too far with her risque clips and over-the-top selfies.

Did the Queen of Pop come out as gay?

Last month, Madonna seemingly came out as gay on TikTok. However, most fans focused on her appearance. The singer shared a video that speculated about her sexuality. She held up a pair of hot pink underwear. Madonna joked that if she missed the basket when she threw them, she’s “gay.”

She threw the underwear and missed the trash can. Madonna was linked to Dominican rapper Tokischa in recent months. While most fans were happy for her, others were focused on her face, which has changed in recent years. Some think she looks similar to rock star Marilyn Manson.


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What are your thoughts on Madonna putting her tongue where it doesn’t belong? Do you think she should stop posting provocative videos on Instagram? Or, do you think that’s just part of her image? Sound off below in the comment section.

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