Cheyenne Floyd | Instagram

Cheyenne Floyd Brandishes Gel Blaster Gun Weeks After Shooting

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Teen Mom fans are scratching their heads right now as Cheyenne Floyd messes around with a gel blaster gun just weeks after the shooting she was involved in. Keep reading to find out what we know so far.

Cheyenne Floyd confuses fans

A recent post from Cheyenne Floyd has fans a bit confused The Sun reports. Despite being involved in a shooting, Cheyenne and her now husband posted an Instagram story of themselves shooting each other with fake guns.

Additionally, Cheyenne took the gun, which is full of small, green gel pellets, and waved it around while raving about how much fun the toy is.

Cheyenne Floyd | Instagram
Cheyenne Floyd | Instagram

Of course, fans aren’t sure what came over her. Some even go as far as to accuse her of being ‘fraudulent.’

  • “If Cheyenne and Zach were shot at multiple times where someone was trying to kill them, why the hell would this be something to partner up with and play at home?”
  • “I feel like it would be really triggering.”
  • “Yeah this is f**ked up,” while a third simply commented: “FRAUDULENT.”
Cheyenne Floyd | Instagram
Cheyenne Floyd | Instagram

Involved in a shooting?

Of course, this fact is a bit shocking. However, when Cheyenne was meant to be planning her wedding, she was instead involved in a shooting and has recently started opening up about the situation and what exactly happened. Apparently, she was in the car with her fiance and her two children when the shooting occurred.

They were shot at 13 times by someone that they knew.

“We’re just riding and the music was playing. It was a normal car day and Chy looks at me and goes, ‘What is that?’ It was a green beam on my face. It was somebody we both knew. He’s been here at Chy’s house. There are pictures [of us] with him,” Cheyenne’s fiance reveals.  “All of a sudden you start hearing shots. He hit the car 13 times, and we crashed into the back of a Prius. It was the worst feeling in the world.”

Teen Mom/YouTube/Cheyenne Floyd

Thankfully for the family, they were not harmed and were able to come out of this situation safely. However, because of these frightening details, fans are extra confused. Why would she be doing anything with a gun – including a fake gun?

Do you find it odd that Cheyenne Floyd is messing around with a fake gun after the situation she was in? Let us know in the comments below. Come back to TV Shows Ace for more on your favorite Teen Mom alumni.

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