Will ‘Sister Wives’ Season 18 Focus On Janelle Leaving Kody?

Janelle Brown from TLC, Sister Wives

Sister Wives is still in the middle of its 17th season, so it’s a little early to start thinking about Season 18. After all, TLC may not even renew the series for another season. However, the show is about 18 months behind actual events. With all the drama going on in the Brown family, it’s entirely possible that TLC has already started making plans for Season 18.

Rumors started flying this week that Janelle Brown has left the family too. There hasn’t been any official confirmation that this happened yet, but fans seem pretty confident that it’s true. If Janelle is gone, many viewers hope that Sister Wives Season 18 will focus on her departure next.

Sister Wives fans want to learn more of the family’s secrets

It’s abundantly clear to Sister Wives viewers that Kody and Janelle Brown are not in a great place in their marriage. There have been many cases where Kody says that he and Janelle are more like business partners than husband and wife. That’s not exactly very romantic.

Now that Christine has left the family, Kody seems to be taking his anger and aggression out on Janelle. It’s clear that she has nearly reached her limit and is more focused on her protecting her children and sanity than rebuilding her marriage with Kody.

Janelle Brown from TLC, Sister Wives
Janelle Brown/TLC

Christine’s daughter Gwendlyn is setting up a Patreon account and vowing to spill family tea. In one Q&A with fans, she already possibly revealed that Janelle left the family — although it seemed like a potential slip. But other clues lead fans to believe that Kody and Janelle parted ways, including the fact that they didn’t sit together at Logan’s wedding. Some fans believe that one of Janelle’s cryptic Instagram posts also indicates that she left the family.

Redditors think Janelle’s departure will also take up an entire season

Redditors couldn’t be more excited about the possibility of exploring this in Season 18.

Kody Brown from TLC, Sister Wives
Kody Brown/TLC

“My prediction– Janelle will leave Kody. This will take an entire season. The next season will focus on Kody and try to humanize him,” one Redditor wrote. “How and why he became a polygamist. How he was ‘duped’ or ‘pressured’ into polygamy as a convert and didn’t fully understand what he was signing up for and how conflicted he is about remaining a polygamist. The final season he will renounce polygamy. Have his coming out as a monogamist and he will cut Meri loose. They might each get a Where Are They Now episode…He and Robyn will ride off into the sunset as predicted early on by Janelle.😆 🤣 😂”

“I’m hoping we get to see Janelle’s financial maneuvering before leaving! She holds all the financial levers and knows how to use it to get her fair share!” another user replied.

What do you think? Is Janelle also going to leave in Sister Wives Season 18? Leave your thoughts below and share what you think might happen.

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