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Whoopi Goldberg 2022 Health Update: ‘I Have A Lot Of ‘Itises’

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The View moderator Whoopi Goldberg recently opened up about her health struggles in her latest book released on November 8, 2022. The actress warned the readers not to fool around with their health and take care of themselves. Her book, Two Old Broads, which she wrote with Dr. M.E. Hecht, details several stories from her life where she talks about her health struggles. It turns out she hasn’t had it easy. Continue reading to see what she has revealed.

Whoopi Goldberg Reveals Her Knees Make Noises

An excerpt from her book read, “I had no idea how many annoying little things would start to happen to my body as I aged.” She further explained how she is in so much pain. The 66-year-old said that her knees make a lot of noise when it stands and it seems like they are playing clackers. She explained that the pain she feels now is more than she has ever felt in her life.

Whoopi Goldberg YouTube The View

[Source: YouTube]

At one point, the host thought she left her coccyx on the chair after getting up.

“I think, Did I just break something? Is something wrong here? Should I be sounding like this? Apparently, yes, I should,” she revealed.

Whoopi then explained that the pain she feels comes from her Arthritis diagnosis.

“Moving my neck around, moving my shoulders, I have bursitis. I mean, I have a lot of ‘itises,’” she revealed.

Whoopi Goldberg Had Pneumatic Lungs And Sepsis

The Emmy Award winner went on to add that a few years ago, she had a really bad cough that lasted almost a year. Finally, she decided to get it checked. She elaborated that an ambulance was called and after reaching the hospital, she was diagnosed with pneumonia in both her lungs. Moreover, the infection had spread so much that her lungs were septic, which is a life-threatening condition.

Whoopi Goldberg YouTube The View

[Source: YouTube]

As per The Sun, her lungs were drained out and she had to spend around a month in the hospital. She also offered her readers some gold advice and asked them to take care.

She advised, “So if you are not feeling well, don’t fool around. Had I reached out to my friends or a doctor about that cough after two or three months, I might have saved myself the year and a half recovery.”

Whoopi Goldberg YouTube The View

[Source: YouTube]

Whoopi also wrote that the body tells on you, but one has to listen and do everything possible to take care of. Although her symptoms were very evident, she also asked readers that it never hurts to get a second opinion.

Whoopi Has Also Authored Children’s Book Series

Two Old Broads isn’t the first book by Whoopi Goldberg. She has also authored a children’s book series called the Sugar Plum Ballerinas.

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Have you read Whoopi Goldberg’s latest book yet? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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