Kody Brown Tells Christine She Treated Robyn Like Dirt

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Kody Brown’s marriage to Christine could have possibly lasted longer. That is if Christine had treated Robyn better than she did. In Kody’s mind, the biggest thing that needed to be fixed was Christine’s sister wife relationships. The main relationship that had been suffering was hers with Robyn. However, Christine shared that she knew Robyn was his favorite, and Janelle agreed.

Even if they did work on things, Christine still believed things may not get better in the long run. Now, in a preview for Sunday’s episode of Sister Wives, Kody lashes out about his true feelings toward Christine’s treatment of Robyn. More so, the father of eighteen held nothing back.

Kody Brown Tells Christine She Treated Robyn Like Dirt

This week’s episode picks up where the last one ended. The wives and Kody are sitting outside after Christine shared that her home was sold. She is now moving to Utah in a week with Truely. This led to the family wondering what went wrong in the marriage and if the divorce was valid. Kody even questioned why he and Christine stayed married for so long. Janelle tried to say it was great that they tried so hard and built a wonderful family. Of course, he disputed that, and now, in a clip for this week, obtained by People, Kody goes off on Christine.

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Kody addresses how poorly Christine treated Robyn and unleashed all of his rage. “[Christine] treated you like dirt from the very beginning. That’s the relationship you have with her. That’s the reason I’m angry,” he says to his fourth wife, Robyn. Though she entered the family in 2010 as wife number four, she is now the only legal wife. The father of eighteen follows it up with: “That’s the reason I’m pissed off. Is because you never tried to have a really good relationship with these people,” he tells Christine.

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Christine announced her split from Kody Brown and the plural family in November 2021. Yet it seems she actually made the decision to leave at the beginning of that same year. She admits that she worked hard and tried the best that she could to make this marriage work. However, it just didn’t. “I know without a doubt I have tried for years to make this work. I have a clear conscience knowing that I gave it my best. If people want to look at me and think otherwise, OK — I can’t do anything about that,” the mother of six has said.

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She also noted that it was very hard since the only sister wife to ask her side was Kody’s second wife, Janelle. As for the other two, Meri and Robyn, they never reached out. They did, however, have no problem talking about why Christine was leaving and how hurt they felt over her breaking up the family. At this point, it seems Christine got out just in time and is living her best life with her kids in Utah.

Do you think Kody Brown is correct in his assessment that Christine treated Robyn like dirt? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.


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