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Kody Brown Only Really Loved Two Of His Wives

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Kody Brown may have only really loved two of his four wives. At least that is what Sister Wives fans have gathered by watching his actions. Over the last year, he parted ways with his wife of twenty-six years Christine. Rumors have also been flying that his second wife, Janelle is also halfway out the door. Kody has also been open about the distance in his relationship with first wife, Meri to the point he would be fine if she left and was with another man. The only wife he really has a bond with is his fourth wife, Robyn. So, who actually has the father of eighteen’s heart? Read on for more details.

Kody Brown Really Only Love Two Wives

Though he has four wives, fans feel Kody only really loved two of them. Not necessarily that he didn’t feel love for all of them but two were the real loves of his life. A Reddit thread was started to discuss this. It started like this: “Meri was Kody’s love match. Jenelle/Christine were more like friends. Jenelle wanted very little from him and Christine was plyg royalty, so he took them on as wives in order to achieve that polygamy lifestyle he wanted.”

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They did seem very much in love at the start, young love but yes, he did have to take more wives and she knew this was the lifestyle she wanted to follow. As the beginning of the thread went on, the OP stated that Kody fell out of love with Meri only to find Robyn who became his new love match. So, why did he fall out of love with Meri? “Meri was dead to him after she couldn’t produce more children. The narcissist that he is, he probably took it personally,” one Redditor noted.

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Another felt that it was the way she treated Janelle and Christine that sealed the deal for him. Plus, the fact that Janelle gave him his first child but came in three years after Meri had to have been hard for her, as well. “Robyn is just the younger version of Meri! Both are manipulative mean girls. Both show their inner ugliness on the outside as they age!” someone shared which could be why they are the two true loves.

What Is Love?

Some have called Kody Brown a narcissist so he only loves himself. At this point, he apparently is not even very nice to Robyn due to his heartbreak from the divorce from Christine. Christine did truly love him and there was a point where he did say he loved the way she was a breath of fresh air. However, he was never truly attracted to her. Janelle has been a great business partner to him. In the end, it will always be unclear who he really loved and who he felt obligated to. Hopefully, the wives do follow their hearts and be like Christine. They should realize they deserve nothing but the best.

Do you agree that Meri and Robyn were Kody Brown’s real loves? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.


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