Joy Forsyth Violates Abbie & John David Duggar’s Privacy

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Some fans believe that Joy Forsyth has violated Abbie and John David Duggar’s privacy. Joy’s brother and sister-in-law aren’t as active as she is on social media and YouTube, but she decided to share something that may have crossed a personal boundary they have set for themselves and their kids. What did Joy do?

Fans think Joy Forsyth violated Abbie & John David Duggar’s privacy.

In a new confession on the Duggar Bates Confessions Instagram account, a fan pointed out that Joy Forsyth seemed to cross a line in a recent video. After releasing a pregnancy announcement video to fans, she shared another YouTube video, which showed her announcing her pregnancy to all of her family members.

She talked to some via FaceTime, went out to eat with a group of the Duggar ladies, and visited Abbie at her home to share the big news. This was shortly after Abbie and John David welcomed their second baby, Charlie, to the world. 

Joy Forsyth YouTube

When Joy posted this video to YouTube, fans realized that it included a clip of Abbie and John David Duggar’s son, Charlie. The fan in the confession was shocked to see this because John David and Abbie rarely post on social media these days. They seem to be enjoying their privacy. 

You can read the confession post below.

In the comments section of the post, fans are split on whether Joy Forsyth violated her brother and sister-in-law’s privacy.

Did she really cross a line?

Some fans pointed out that Abbie and John David have posted pictures of their kids before. So, in that case, it may not matter that Joy shared a clip of Charlie.

Someone mentioned that all babies look pretty similar when they’re that young, so it may not be such a big deal. Then, they added, “Obviously parents wishes should be respected.”

Another fan said, “Don’t understand why these people can’t keep their kids completely off social media. These kids deserve privacy.”

It’s worth noting, however, that their Instagram account is still public and they do post pictures of their kids on occasion. Other Duggar family members seem to prioritize privacy a bit more than Abbie and John David.

John & Abbie Duggar Instagram
John & Abbie Duggar Instagram

For example, Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo only post pictures of the backs of their kids’ heads or photos of their little shoes. Josiah and Lauren Duggar have taken a lengthy Instagram hiatus, deleted the majority of their posts, and locked down their account so only their followers can see their posts. 

So, while Abbie and John David do seem to value their privacy, it’s not as if no one had seen their son before Joy Forsyth posted the video. She may have overstepped by sharing more footage of him than the couple would have liked though. Hopefully, she got their permission before sharing the video. 

So, do you think that Joy Forsyth violated Abbie and John David Duggar’s privacy in her new video? Or do you think she got their permission before showing Charlie in her video? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Duggar family. You can watch Joy’s pregnancy announcement video below, which includes the clip of Charlie.

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