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Bates Sisters Dragged For Lack Of Originality: Who Copied Who?

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The Bates sisters are being accused of not being original, and fans are calling them out for copying each other’s ideas. Bringing Up Bates fans have noticed similarities between the girls’ recent moves. And many think they are just stealing from one another instead of being creative. What is this all about? Keep reading for all of the details.

In the past, fans have called out the adult Bates girls for being boring or bland. Sometimes, they are criticized for the way they dress themselves or their kids and how they decorate their homes. Fans feel that they don’t show a lot of personality by keeping everything beige and only using neutral colors.

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Now, fans are dragging them for their lack of originality once again.

Bringing Up Bates fans accuse Carlin of copying Josie.

On Reddit, a Bringing Up Bates fan shared a new screenshot from Carlin Bates Stewart’s Instagram Stories about the Bates Sisters Boutique. The boutique is run by Carlin and her sister-in-law Whitney Bates.

The fan pointed out that Whitney and Carlin are launching a jewelry collection and noted that Josie offers jewelry at her online store, The Effortless Shop. Josie previously sold hair accessories in her store but expanded and began selling jewelry last month. The fan implied that Carlin decided to copy Josie’s idea.

In the past, the sisters have been accused of stealing each other’s style.

Carlin is also launching a jewelry collection! (Recall Josie recently launched a line as well). from BringingUpBates

Others set the record straight about the Bates sisters.

In the comments section of the Reddit post, fans were quick to correct the fan who suggested Carlin and Whitney were copying Josie. Several pointed out that Carlin and Whitney have carried jewelry in their boutique for a while now. They are simply launching a new collection for the holidays.

So, they actually had this idea prior to Josie launching her jewelry line at the Effortless Shop. A Reddit user noted that Carlin and Whitney have offered jewelry at the Bates Sisters Boutique since June 2022, while Josie’s only launched at The Effortless Shop in October 2022.

Josie Bates Instagram, Carlin Bates Instagram

Some fans had no idea that Carlin and Whitney offered jewelry before this. It sounds like there’s a lot of confusion about who copies who. One fan said, “This is what y’all mean when you say people often mistake Josie for doing something before Carlin. Not that it truly matters, but it supports a false narrative of Carlin as a follower.”

In this case, it’s possible that Josie copied Carlin and Whitney, though she could have come up with the idea all on her own instead.

So, do you agree that the Bates sisters are lacking originality? Do you think they seem to copy each other? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Bringing Up Bates stars.

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