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The Sinister Reason Robyn Brown Begs Meri Not To Leave Kody

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Fans have long believed Robyn Brown is manipulative. She knows Meri has nothing with Kody yet she practically begged her not to give up on the family. With Christine leaving, Robyn begged Meri to stay with her and Kody to help rebuild. She claims that she wants her youngest kids to experience the best of a plural family. However, is there more to the story than what she has portrayed? Why is Robyn so adamant that Meri not leave Kody and the Browns? Read on for more details.

The Sinister Reason Robyn Brown Is Begging Meri To Stay With Kody

In a recent episode of Sister Wives, Robyn and Meri were chatting on the porch. They were discussing the downfall of the family now that Christine was leaving. It was more selfish for them than anything. They thought about what they were losing rather than Christine’s happiness and her struggles. At one point, Robyn begged Meri to hold on with her, essentially stay a sister wife, be married to Kody, and rebuild the family. At the same time, she admitted she would understand if Meri left.

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Knowing Kody and Meri have been struggling for over a decade, why can’t Robyn let Meri go? A Reddit thread was started in an attempt to make sense of it all. The biggest question is if she knows Meri is unhappy in a non-functioning marriage, wouldn’t she want her to move on? One Redditor’s reasoning for Robyn keeping Meri around was simple: “Power. Cant be headwife without some lesser wife to torture. Even better if you have every single thing they want but don’t have. What a hateful creature.”

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Another added: “Misery loves company.” Robyn did say that she has never felt so bad in her marriage until Christine’s divorce as Kody is lashing out at her. Finally, one person noted: “How else will Robyn remain favorite wife if she’s the only wife? Also, you can’t have a show called Sister Wives with one wife. Gotta keep that Precious Moments money coming.”

Why Not Janelle?

Some Redditors questioned why Robyn Brown did not come for Janelle. They wondered why she did not beg her to hold on. It appears that she actually does not mind being a part of the family. She loves Coyote Pass and just being in the background. Meri has openly said she does not care about the land. However, she is hopeful that if she stays and shows her commitment, Kody might change his feelings toward her.

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In the end, the general consensus is that Janelle is just too strong for Robyn. “Robyn always seems a little afraid of Janelle. Possibly because she has no way to control her. LOL,” someone stated. Janelle was not even a part of Robyn’s rebuilding conversation with Meri. Robyn does not really care if Meri is happy, or at least the fans do not think so. She just knows how to work her and make her feel like she is a part of the family.

Do you think Robyn Brown is being sinister to get Meri to stay with Kody for her own selfish reasons? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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  1. I think Meri should bring her in a Brother husband!!! I think the Brother husband will have to find a way to get Robyn pregnant, Do what ever it takes to get Meri pregnant and have a romantic relationship with Jenelle too but she’s to smart she will split but he would be a good caring father to Savannah . But watch out Robyn Your oldest daughter is 21 shaking things up on coyote Pass. Seems most are just passen bye!!

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