Lifetime’s ‘A Country Christmas Harmony’ Stars Brooke Elliott

Used with LIfetime's permission

Sweet Magnolias fans don’t want to miss the It’s A Wonderful Lifetime movie, A Country Christmas Harmony. This movie includes a trio of stars from the Netflix series. 

Brooke Elliott (Drop Dead DivaDolly Parton’s Heartstrings), Brandon Quinn (A Welcome Home ChristmasChristmas In Leavenworth), as well as Danny Pintauro (Who’s The BossCujo) are from Sweet Magnolias.

In addition, Ann Walker (Some Kind Of Wonderful, That’s Entertainment), Caden Dragomer (Rebel Moon, Gaslit), Nikki Crawford (NCIS, United States of AI), Bradley Dodds (Referee Rants, Almost Super), Giancarlo Sabogal (How I Met Your Father, Shameless), Aaron Coleman (The Rookie, NCIS: Los Angeles), Coel Mahal (Killer Ambition, Secrets Of An Escort), Troy Hatt (Moth, All Night), and Paloma Nozicka (Each Lovely Thing, Ships In The Night).

Gary Entin (Geography Club) and Edmund Entin (How Sarah Got Her Wings) wrote and directed this movie together.

Used with Lifetime's permission
Used with Lifetime’s permission

What Is Lifetime’s A Country Christmas Harmony About?

According to The Futon Critic, “Before Chrissy Kessler’s (Elliott) meteoric rise to fame, the country music superstar was just a small-town girl with dreams of the big time.”

However, she is now watching her record sales tank. Moreover, a record executive has “strong-armed” her into returning to her hometown. They want her to perform Christmas concert.

Thankfully, she is not going home alone. She is returning with Eugene (Pintauro). Eugene is always on her side and a trusted friend.

When she gets home, she runs into Luke Covington (Quinn), and she is forced to face her past.

When they accidentally run into each other, Luke gives her a cold greeting. When they were younger, Chrissy and Luke dated, and they were part of a country music duo.

Instead of continuing as a team, she took off and embarked on a solo career. He was left to pick up his life and give up on his dreams.

“After a tempestuous rainstorm forces the ex-sweethearts to seek shelter in Luke’s ranch home, the two realize that the only way they’ll survive the holidays is with the other’s help.”

Used with Lifetime's permission
Used with Lifetime’s permission

When Can You Watch A Country Christmas Harmony?

The premiere of A Country Christmas is on Friday, November 18, on Lifetime.

It’s A Wonderful Lifetime

Lifetime is premiering new Christmas movies every Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday until Christmas. This includes the new Sarah Drew movie, Reindeer Games Homecoming. This is a Grey’s reunion with Justin Bruening. This movie premieres on Saturday, November 12, on Lifetime.

According to IMDb, “When her father dies, MacKenzie (Drew) keeps her father’s tradition of the town’s fundraising The Reindeer Games  alive, but when high school crush Chase (Bruening) shows up and plays against her, the spark between them grows.”

Do you have a Christmas movie cozy holiday tradition?

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