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Kim Kardashian’s Weird Looking Body Part Attracts Attention

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Kim Kardashian’s weird-looking body part attracted attention. Once again, she showed off her real skin texture in new unedited photos that circulated online. Fans noticed an “odd” detail about it. Last weekend, Kim attended the LACMA Art + Film Gala 2022 event at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

The platinum-blonde babe wore a sleek black evening gown designed by Balenciaga. She showed off her newly slim figure, which she attributed to her intense fitness and diet regimen. Kim’s dress featured a high neck, glove sleeves, and a short train. She needed a team of people to help her along the red carpet.

Kim Kardashian In Black Sweats [Hulu | YouTube]
[Hulu | YouTube]

Funny detail about Kim Kardashian’s red-carpet photos

Kim Kardashian doesn’t use a personal photographer on the red carpet like her little sister Kylie Jenner famously does. So, she couldn’t edit the red carpet photos since they don’t belong to her. Some of those photos ended up on the popular Keeping up with the Kardashians Reddit, where fans noticed that she showed off her “REAL SKIN.”

Suddenly, fans understood why Kim Kardashian loves wearing high-neck garments and gloves lately. She admitted that her skin has changed since she entered her 40s. There is nothing that can airbrush her real skin texture into oblivion. Fans noticed her odd-looking body part in the photos.

Kim Kardashian In White Robe [Hulu | YouTube]
[Hulu | YouTube]
  • “Oh, I just know she’d hate that second pic.”
  • “Yep she would be editing that neck right out.”
  • “She’s seething that she couldn’t edit those.”
  • “Oh gosh! What’s up with her neck?! This explains all of the turtlenecks and gloves!”
  • “The neck. Love to see their real aging, totally normal, money and surgery can only do so much.”

Other fans noticed that Kim Kardashian resembled her mom Kris Jenner. One pointed out that she had a “scar” underneath her chin area. Rumors previously swirled that Kim got a chin lift. However, she has denied going under the knife to change her looks, only using Botox and fillers.

Aging like Madonna?

Some fans noticed that Kim Kardashian is looking like Madonna these days. The Queen of Pop has been criticized for filtering her pictures on Instagram. She was also accused of going under the knife to change her looks. Fans noticed a resemblance between the two women.

  • “The 2nd picture is so close to Madonna, it’s actually terrifying.”
  • “Her face is giving me recent Madonna vibes. These ladies are so naturally pretty why do they keep messing around with this stuff?”
  • “Kim reminds me of Madonna in these pics.”
  • “Very Madonna.”
  • “Kim is starting to age and the super skinny look isn’t helping.”

The Reddit thread went in-depth about Kim Kardashian’s weight loss and changing looks. Fans tried to figure out why she looks the way she does. They feel the extreme diet and fitness routine are no longer benefitting her looks. They wish that Kim would go back to her old looks.

What are your thoughts on Kim Kardashian’s weird-looking body part? Did you notice it in the red carpet photos? Do you think she’s aging gracefully or looking strange? Sound off below in the comment section.

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