Caelynn Miller-Keyes Still Hunting For Missing Engagement Ring

Dean Unglert

Bachelor in Paradise fan favorite couple Dean Unglert and Caelynn Miller-Keyes are finally engaged. However, he had previously revealed that he lost her 4.5 Karat ring. He had to use a placeholder ring for the proposal while they try to figure out where the ring is. According to Caelynn, they still have no idea where the ring could be. Keep reading to find out more.

Caelynn Miller-Keyes still looking for diamond ring

US Weekly shared what Caelynn had to say about her still missing diamond engagement ring. She said they still haven’t figure out where the ring is.

Caelynn said, “He got me a placeholder, [so] I do have a ring on my finger. And [the diamond] is somewhere in this house.” She continued, “He lost it. We spent hours scanning the video of our security cameras — we’re like, ‘When did he pull it out of the drawer?’ We cannot figure it out.”

She also said when he gets home they will devote as much time as they have to in order to locate the ring.

Caelynn said she knew Dean had bought the ring of her dreams months ago. She even said she’d sneak downstairs and try it on sometimes. She said she even took photos of it on her hand. Caelynn said it’s perfect.

Dean and Caelynn's proposal via Dean Unglert Instagram
Credit: Dean Unglert/Instagram

She clarified why she bought Dean a truck

Caelynn also discussed why she bought Dean a new truck. He had said on his podcast that he would buy the ring of her dreams if she bought him a truck.

So, one day, Caelynn posted that she was at Toyota and had bought him a truck. She then deleted the post but not before word got out about the purchase. Now, she clarified what really went down.

Caelynn said fans were under the impression that Dean wasn’t going to propose unless she bought him a truck. She said that’s not what went down.

She said, “Oh, my gosh, this truck is insane. It all started because I wanted to buy my engagement ring because I just [thought] like, ‘I’m gonna be the one wearing it, I’m the one who wants it, I wanna buy it.’ And he didn’t like that.” Caelynn continued, “So he’s like, ‘What if you bought me this truck instead?’ So I was like, ‘That’s the perfect compromise.’ And people then took it as he’s only proposing if I buy him a truck, which is insane. It was my idea. But I did, I bought him a truck — I bought part of it. I put a little bit of money down and then he bought the rest. But yes, he has a truck, he loves it.”

So for now, Caelynn is wearing a placeholder but she’s determined to hunt down that diamond ring when Dean returns home.



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