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Ariel Winter Glows With Fresh-Faced Car Selfie

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Ariel Winter is looking gorgeous as she poses for a cute car selfie.

The Modern Family alum has largely been keeping a low profile on social media in 2022, but she made sure to post this week as she encouraged her fans to vote. Ariel updated her Instagram on Wednesday. She posted from an unknown location and looking fresh-faced, also reminding fans that despite posting very little, she’s still active online.

Ariel has made pandemic headlines for quitting Hollywood after saying that the paparazzi following her around had become too much. Safe from her car, the famous redhead delighted her followers, and her style was super-cute, too.

Encouraging Fans To Vote With Cute Car Selfie

The photo showed Ariel 100% makeup-free. The former sitcom star had snapped herself close up and amid red leather car seats.

Looking cute as a button, Ariel posed in a simple black sweatshirt with HELLO written across it in white. The girl behind Alex Dunphy cocked her head to the side a little, also rocking dyed blonde locks tied back into an unfussy ponytail. Ariel showed off her freckles as she smiled for the camera. She wore a badge reading: “I voted.”

In a caption, Ariel told her 5 million followers: “VOTE VOTE VOTE!!! #electionday #voter.” Fans have left over 120,000 likes in under 24 hours.

Opening Up On Leaving L.A.

Ariel proved one of the most photographed celebrity faces during early parts of the pandemic. Her grocery runs made near-weekly headlines, and it looks like the actress wasn’t a fan of having her every move documented by the press.

In May of this year, Ariel spoke on the Quitters podcast.

“Part of the reason I always hated L.A. is because I have been followed by paparazzi for a very long portion of my life. And I really, really dislike having my space invaded,” she said. Ariel added:

“I don’t like pictures of me when I haven’t signed up for pictures of me. I don’t like feeling watched. I’ve always just wanted to live a very, very normal life, just have a normal existence.” Ariel and boyfriend Luke Benward have packed up their belongings and left L.A., although neither has disclosed their new location.

Ariel Winter
Ariel Winter/Instagram

“People have always been like, ‘You don’t like L.A., why don’t you just move?’ … And then I just randomly looked and decided, Why not?” she continued. “We sold our cars, got an Escalade to fit all the dogs for the drive, put my house on the market and sold my house.”

Plenty Of Fan Love

Ariel starred on sitcom Modern Family until 2020, joining the likes of Sofia Vergara and Sarah Hyland. She has since starred in Don’t Log Off. Clearly, Ariel is bringing in the love with her voting selfie this week!

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