Marvel Reveals Its Inspiration For ‘Loki’ Series’ Time Monster

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Marvel recently revealed its inspiration for the Loki series’ time monster, Alioth. The studio has never been one to shy away from trying something new, such as turning Guardians Of The Galaxy into a household name. Last year, when Loki got his very own series on Disney+, the makers dove deep into the world of creativity to create its time monster. However, the villain wasn’t completely original. Rather, it was inspired by a popular animated movie from Studio Ghibli. What was this movie? And which character inspired Alioth? Keep reading to find out the details!

Alexander Mandradijev Reveals Studio Ghibli Inspired Him

Alexander Mandradijev, the visual development artist for Disney+’s Loki revealed, “They wanted it to be smoke, but the smoke is not just smoke. It needed to feel like there’s something inside of it that’s alive. So that triggered some ideas.”

Loki Time Monster Alioth YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

“After the first designs I did, Head of Visual Development at Marvel Studios, Ryan Meinerding, came to me and was like, ‘They want to see it have more of a creature shape, but Alex, don’t do creature. It needs to still feel random and nature-like, but it’s constantly twisting and kind of shifting shape,’” he explained.

Princess Mononoke’s Demon Led To Alioth’s Creation

Mandradijev further explained that he opted to scope through the creative output of Studio Ghibli to draw some inspiration. He mentioned that the immediate thing that came to his mind was the movie, Princess Mononoke. The artist further mentioned that the first board demon and the wormlike effect with several legs inspired him to create Alioth.

Princess Mononoke Studio Ghibli YouTube

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He described the process behind the creation of the time monster and said, “I was wondering how I could get that across with clouds. And I did that, I used that feeling and that image from Mononoke to capture a squatting god.”

Loki Season 2 YouTube Disney+

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“ I wanted this guy to feel like he’s on the ground, on his knuckles, but if he was to stand up it would be just a huge, weird thing that probably also dissolves into a much more massive cloud shape. There was also lightning that would surge through. And something that could feel like a face, hinting at just eyes,” he elaborated.

When Will Loki Season 2 Premiere On Disney+?

Season 1 ended with the timeline changing completely after Sylvie killed Kang. Now, fans await the start of the multiverse war that will shape up MCU’s Phase 4 action. Loki was renewed for a second season, which was revealed during the end credits sequence for Season 1 in July 2021.

Loki Season 2 YouTube Disney+

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Filming for the upcoming season started in June 2022 at Pinewood Studios and concluded last month. As per ComicBook, Loki Season 2 is slated to premiere on Disney+ somewhere around mid-2023 with a total of six episodes. Marvel fans who haven’t yet seen the first season can check it out on Disney+.

Loki Season 2 YouTube Disney+

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What do you think of Studio Ghibli being the inspiration for the time monster on Loki? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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