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‘Harry Potter’ Star Leslie Phillips, The Sorting Hat, Dead At 89

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Sad news for Harry Potter fans as another member of the beloved cast, Leslie Phillips, was confirmed dead at the age of 89. For those unfamiliar with his name and face, that is because Leslie played the voice of the iconic sorting hat from the franchise. This tragic news comes within a month of Robbie Coltrane, who played Hagrid, also passing away.

What is known about Leslie Phillips’ death? Other than Harry Potter, what else was on his resume? Keep reading for the details.

Harry Potter star Leslie Phillips, the sorting hat, dead at 89

Per Deadlinethe late actor’s agent, Jonathan Lloyd, confirmed Leslie Phillips was dead. His agent told the media outlet that the voice of the sorting hat from Harry Potter passed away peacefully while he was asleep.

Per the same media outlet, the actor’s career dates all the way back to the 1930s. In addition to being the iconic sorting hat for the Harry Potter franchise, he was also known for his part in the Carry On franchise as well.

Over the years, Jonathan Lloyd’s distinctive and smooth voice made him an ideal choice for upper-class British characters.

Social media quickly reacted to news of his passing

Tweets featuring old photos of Leslie Phillips and beautiful tributes to the late actor have been flooding social media platforms over the past few hours. Both fans and celebrities who had the pleasure of working with Leslie Phillips are penning beautiful tributes of how they will remember him and carry them with him always. Here are some of the sweet tributes:

Another sad fan chimed in: RIP Leslie Phillips. I bet he’s in Heaven now double-teaming the Queen with Sir Captain Tom whilst Prince Phillip and Ayrton Senna watch.”

Rest in peace, Leslie Phillips. Your voice will live on as the iconic sorting hat of Harry Potter forever.

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