Christine Brown’s Son Tries To Humiliate Kody Again?

Kody Brown and Christine Brown from TLC, Sister Wives

Although Christine Brown would love to be rid of Kody for good, she realizes that they still have to work out a co-parenting situation. They share six children together, five of which are adults. Truely Brown is in 7th grade and will still be a minor for several more years.

Paedon Brown hasn’t had anything to do with Sister Wives in a very long time. He regularly appeared on the show when he was younger. But as an adult, he doesn’t even make occasional appearances. He has issues with many of his siblings, including Gwendlyn and Leon. However, it seems like he’s on great terms with his mother Christine and her former sister wife, Janelle. Sadly, the same can’t be said about his relationship with his dad.

Paedon is pretty active on TikTok. He’s also spoken to the press about his dad’s bad behavior and how it bothers him. During a recent episode of Sister Wives, Kody called out his son and said that he didn’t have a great relationship with many members of the family. Kody also alleged that only a few of the kids really get along with one another. Needless to say, this allegation confused many fans. But it doesn’t seem like viewers are the only ones scratching their heads. Paedon is also seemingly very puzzled.

Christine Brown’s son Paedon throws serious shade at his father

Christine may have her issues with Kody, but he definitely isn’t alone. Paedon Brown is apparently pretty fired up about his dad’s comments during a recent episode of Sister Wives.

Christine Brown from TLC, Sister Wives
Christine Brown/TLC

“I’m really trying to figure out who the three and three are,” Paedon added in a comment section to a Sister Wives video online. “Because the math just isn’t adding up in my head.”

Paedon Brown, TikTok

Paedon doesn’t post a lot on Instagram, but he did upload one photo from Logan’s wedding. He took a serious black-and-white photo with two of his brothers, Gabriel and Garrison, and two other friends.

So at the very least, Paedon is clearly friends with three of Janelle’s sons. It’s not immediately clear what his relationship with the rest of Janelle’s children look like, but it stands to reason that they would get along well. When the children were little, Paedon was often seen playing with Hunter, Garrison, and Gabe.

Paedon Brown from Instagram
Paedon Brown/Instagram

Do you also see a problem with Kody’s math here? Be sure to leave your ideas in the comments below.

Redditors dissect Paedon’s shade

The screenshot of Paedon calling out his dad was uploaded to a few different Reddit threads. Immediately, fans had something to say about the shade.

“How traumatizing that man is for all of these kids. It really is so heartbreaking,” one Redditor said.

“I feel sorry for the kids. Even the grown ones. They shouldn’t have to go through all this being on TV,” another user replied in another thread.

Stay tuned for more news on Christine Brown and the rest of her family. There will be more to share as Sister Wives Season 17 continues.

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