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Christine Brown’s Daughter Says Robyn Is The ‘Worst Person’

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Christine Brown has absolutely had enough of the polygamy lifestyle. Sister Wives Season 17 is well underway and fans are so excited to see Christine finally part ways with the family that caused her so much pain over the years.

In the most recent episode, fans watched Christine and Robyn go head to head. There seemed to be a communication error at some point and Robyn completely lashed out at Christine. Fans hated seeing it all unfold. And apparently, so did Christine’s children.

Christine Brown’s daughter speaks out against Robyn online

As many of Kody’s children grow older, they realize that he treats his wives incredibly poorly. Many of Christine’s children have finally cut ties with their dad after seeing him verbally berate their mother.

Christine Brown from Sister Wives, TLC
Christine Brown/TLC

Gwendlyn Brown seems to be one of them.

Gwen just turned 21-years-old, so she hasn’t had much time to speak out yet. But now, it seems like she’s starting to make her feelings clear on certain family members. As it turns out, she’s not at all fond of Robyn.

Gwendlyn Brown from Instagram
Gwendlyn Brown/Instagram

Redditors recently dug up a thread where Gwendlyn spoke candidly about her father’s fourth wife. She didn’t exactly paint a pretty picture.

“Hi! You mentioned in one of the replies you don’t like Robyn. Curious to know why?” one fan asked the Sister Wives star online.

“is there an all of the above option?” Gwendlyn answered. “lol I don’t like to trash talk people but she’s worse in person”

“That’s honestly a perfect answer!” the fan wrote back. “Thanks and looking forward to hearing more of your thoughts!

sunnybcg from Reddit

“It seems like none of the kids like Robyn and its funny that Kody NEVER mentions her strained relationships. Just only brings up Meris,” one Redditor replied to the screenshot.

“I mean if I was one of the non Robyn kid Browns and my Dad just threw all of my siblings under the bus and essentially called them rejects, I’d be making YouTube videos and hitting the button for ads to play and reacting to every episode … I would call out Robyn and Kody for everything she can remember,” another user wrote.

Are you surprised that Gwendlyn is choosing to speak out against Kody and Robyn now? What do you think about her allegations? Share your ideas in the comments.

Sister Wives Season 17 will be back with a new episode this week

There’s been a significant amount of drama this season and it doesn’t seem like things will ease up anytime soon. The tension is thick and it seems like it will stay that way.

Catch new episodes of Sister Wives each Sunday night on TLC. The next episode begins at 10 PM eastern time this Sunday, so tune in and keep up with the Brown family.

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  1. Kody needs to look in the mirror, as he is completely the one who owns the behaviors he accuses Christine of. He is fuming because he cannot control these women he considers his property. He wants to be worshipped and adored. He wants to be the God these women all flock around. I hope Janelle will find the strength to get out of this unhealthy relationship. Christine and Janelle are the only two that are helping their daughters to be more aware of who NOT to get involved with when searching for a mate. Kody is a narcissistic, overgrown child who has used these women to support him and his fantasies of glory for years. These daughters and sons may learn through their Mothers, Christine and Janelle how to be strong in their own right and learn they deserve better in life when choosing their life partners. Kody and Robyn deserve each other. they are selfish and immature. I wish Janelle and Christine much success in life. I could care less what Kody and Robyn do. Kody has never been a good provider, Robyn is one who wants to be taken care of. Congratulations to Robyn. Robyn has what she has from the backs of her Sister Wives and their children. Janelle, Christine and Meri all at least know how to take care of themselves. Kody blames Meri for the catfishing scandal when he has been an an emotionally and physically absent husband and Father. These women are all emotionally bankrupt due to his lack of being a mature, strong, emotionally available man. I applaud any endeavors that enrich their own lives because they deserve everything good life has to offer and so do their children.

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