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‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Player Leaves Pat Sajak Too Stunned To Speak

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Wheel Of Fortune host Pat Sajak in the latest episode, was left speechless as a contestant solves an impossible final puzzle. The clue had barely any letters and seemed too difficult to decode. However, the contestant managed to ace it, bagging a big win, leaving both the host and the viewers stunned at the feat. What was the puzzle? Keep reading to find out the details!

Wheel Of Fortune Contestant Cracks A Challenging Puzzle

After contestant Laura shared embarrassing details about an incident with her daughter, leaving Pat lost for words, she aced the game like no one’s business. The big win got her a whopping $58,550. In Wheel Of Fortune’s Friday episode, Laura just had four letters to work with. From ‘h’, ‘n’, ‘s’, and ‘e’, Laura had to guess a ‘place’ on the puzzle board.

Laura Wheel Of Fortune YouTube

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The host seemed doubtful that the contestant could actually crack the code and remarked, “That’s all you’re getting…”

However, Pat did catch on to her triumphant grin and chuckled, “But look, she’s smiling! I think she might do it!”

To everyone’s shock, Laura jumped in with the correct answer, “His man cave.”

Right after getting the puzzle right, she celebrated with her hands in the air while Pat stood right next to her stunned. As he returned from a shocked state, he acknowledged, “You’re not embarrassing your daughter tonight, that’s for sure! Wow.”

Wheel of Fortune Puzzle Board YouTube

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The 76-year-old then revealed that Laura bagged a whopping $40,000 from solving the puzzle board bringing her total to $58,550. He finally congratulated the contestant on her big win.

Wheel Of Fortune Host Pat Sajak Snubs A Proud Grandmother

While Pat was a great host on Friday’s episode, he was slammed last week over an awkward interaction with a contestant. As per The Sun, he blatantly shut down a grandmother who tried to share a sweet incident about her family.

Pat Sajak Laura YouTube Wheel Of Fortune

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“The oldest just graduated, she’s 18, and the youngest is a rambunctious two-year-old!” said the player proudly. However, Pat seemed uninterested as he shot back stating, “Alright, well I think, I believe all two-year-olds are rambunctious.”

Will Pat Sajak Retire Soon?

The host has seemed off his game for a long time, especially during the contestant interview segments. Given how long he has been hosting the show, it could be a hint that he is finally looking for retirement. Pat has been a part of Wheel Of Fortune since 1981 hosting alongside Vanna White who joined him the next year.

Pat Sajak Vanna White YouTube

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However, back in September, he hinted at ending his stint as a host. He said, “Years go by fast. We’re getting near the end. It’s been a long time. We’re not going to do this for another40 year. The end is near.”

Do you think this is the best time for Pat Sajak to step down as a host and retire? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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