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‘Sister Wives’: Hunter Refuses To Let Family Visit Him In Baltimore

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In the latest Sister Wives, Hunter Brown popped up at his sister Maddie’s North Carolina home. Though he lives in Baltimore, he does not let his family come visit him there. He was also seen visiting Ysabel after she had her scoliosis surgery in New Jersey. So, what is the Nursing School graduate’s adversity to having his family over for a visit or a stay? Read on for more details.

Sister Wives Son Hunter Brown Won’t Let Family Come To Baltimore

Ysabel Brown was moving from Flagstaff to North Carolina to live with her sister Maddie. She will attend college while staying with Maddie and her husband Caleb. Together, they have two children (one on the way). Ysabel’s youngest sister, Truely, and their mother, Christine accompanied her on the trip. Another surprise visitor on the journey was her older brother, Hunter. When this was filmed, Hunter was attending Nursing School at Johns Hopkins.

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He has since moved to Flagstaff to be closer to his mother, Janelle. Yet, for the time, he helped welcome Ysabel to North Carolina. Christine explained that he lived in Baltimore. However, he never wants them to come to visit him. He always says to just come to Maddie’s and he will meet everyone there. There was no explanation given as to why that is, he just preferred it that way. Maybe he is just extremely private and did not want his home filmed.

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Yet, Christine did note that she has always been extremely close to Janelle’s children. She helped to raise them and that bond has not been broken. Even during the pandemic, Gabriel stood up to Kody about the familial separation. He noted that Christine had to be struggling not being around the kids because she raised everyone. Admittedly, Janelle and Christine broke the rules to get together and did not care one bit.

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Now that he has graduated, Hunter has been living his best life with his girlfriend. He shares photos on his Instagram and he just spent time with his Sister Wives family. They were off at his older brother, Logan’s wedding to Michelle Petty. It is unclear if he will appear in any more episodes this season but he always brings positive energy when he does come around. As for his nursing career, he now has his master’s so anything is possible. Janelle and Christine are surely proud of the amazing young man that they raised.

Why do you think Hunter Brown did not want his family to come to see him in Baltimore? Do you think he just preferred Maddie’s home over his? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC. 

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