Rumors About Trace Bates’ Former Flame Chaney Swirl

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Rumors about Trace Bates’ former girlfriend, Chaney Kahle, are swirling. Bringing Up Bates fans have dug up a few clues about where she is today and who she might be with now. So, what’s going on with Chaney these days?

If you’re a Bringing Up Bates fan, you probably remember Trace courting a young woman named Chaney Grace. They made things official and publicly announced their relationship in September 2019. The whole Bates family seemed to love her and she fit right in. Below, you can see a photo of Carlin and Evan Stewart with Trace and Chaney.

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However, in February 2020, they split up. In October 2022, Trace Bates married Lydia Romeike. And now, it’s possible that Chaney has found love.

Rumors About Trace Bates’ Former Flame Chaney Swirl

On Reddit, a Bringing Up Bates family sleuth dug up some interesting details about where Chaney Kahle is now. Recently, fans haven’t gotten an update from her. She has a public Instagram profile but isn’t as well-known as her ex-boyfriend’s family.

It looks like she might be connected with Elijah Kaneshiro, who is a friend of both the Bates and Duggar boys. However, the fan pointed out that Elijah and Trace don’t seem to hang out like they used to. They do appear to follow each other on Instagram to this day. But it’s possible that Elijah was interested in Chaney and that caused a rift between the guys.

The speculation about Chaney and Elijah began in 2021. However, it looks like the two of them have been hanging out since at least 2020. In an Instagram post, Elijah shared a photo of himself and Chaney with a group of friends.

It looks like the two of them have also traveled together or to the same places in the past. For example, they both traveled to Hawaii at the same time and posted about it on social media but never said anything about being there together. While it could be a coincidence, there are quite a few clues that something may be going on.

At this point, neither Elijah nor Chaney have said whether they are dating. Fans seem to think something is going on here, but we’ll have to wait for an official announcement to know for sure.

So, what do you think about these rumors about Trace Bates’ former flame, Chaney? Do you think they are true? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Bringing Up Bates family. You can take a look at all of the clues about Chaney and Elijah here.

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