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Robyn Brown Reminds Fans Kody & Janelle Are Siblings

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During last night’s episode of Sister Wives, Robyn Brown seized an opportunity to remind fans at home that Kody and Janelle were actually siblings. For longtime fans of the show, it wasn’t exactly new information that Kody and Janelle are both husband and wife as well as brother and sister. That, however, didn’t stop Robyn from seizing a moment to shine a spotlight on that tidbit of information for fans.

During the family meeting when Kody, his three wives, and his ex-wife Christine came together for a discussion, fans agree that Robyn Brown’s true colors were shining through. Robyn was quick to twist the narrative and tried to shift the conversation to discuss something that had never even been placed on the table.

From Christine, Meri, and Janelle’s points of view, it appeared as if Robyn was just getting a bit confused on the topic of conversation. Fans, however, don’t believe Robyn Brown was confused at all. In fact, fans thought Robyn was just trying to manipulate the situation and twist the narrative to make sure Christine was invalidated and looked like the bad guy.

Robyn Brown - Janelle Brown YOutube
Robyn Brown – Janelle Brown Youtube

Did Robyn share this information to further manipulate?

Some Sister Wives fans suspected Robyn only seized an opportunity to remind fans that Kody and Janelle were siblings to further manipulate the situation. Presently, Christine and Kody have split up. It is no secret that Meri and Kody have no relationship. So, Janelle is the only competition Robyn still has. And, it is clear the relationship between Janelle and Kody is splintering.

Some Sister Wives fans think Robyn only reminded everyone Kody and Janelle were siblings to support her dream of being Kody’s only wife.

Wait, are Kody and Janelle Brown actually siblings?

As TvShowsAce previously reported, Meri Brown explained in their book, Becoming Sister Wives: The Story Of An Unconventional Marriagethat she used to introduce Janelle as Kody’s sister. For Meri, it was just easier to introduce her as Kody’s sister than to explain that she was actually his second wife. Likewise, Kody having both Meri and Janelle wasn’t exactly legal. So, it was how they hid the truth from people.

Sister Wives - Kody Brown - Janelle brown Youtube
Sister Wives – Kody Brown – Janelle brown Youtube

Turns out, however, there was also some truth to Kody and Janelle being siblings. Before Kody and Janelle became spiritually married, Kody’s father married Janelle’s mother. Kody’s father was actually Janelle’s mother’s third husband. Technically, this means Janelle and Kody are not related by blood. They, however, are siblings and lovers because their parents got married.

Was Robyn Brown using this information to turn fans off to the idea of Kody being with Janelle? Let us know what you think in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Sister Wives news.

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  1. No, I’m afraid siblings is a term reserved for blood relatives.
    They were related by marriage — their parents’ marriage — AFTER both were adults. This has been talked about many times.

  2. I think Robin knows exactly what she’s doing. Finding an excuse to be his “ “married”wife to hogging him Because she used Covid. So he only saw her kids and it all played out. She can have him now he’ll be miserable for a long long time. He did wrong by those other sister wife’s and Robin is the cause. Hope he finds other new wives.

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