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Meri Brown Seethes With Jealousy & Resentment For Christine

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Many Sister Wives fans once felt sorry for Meri Brown. Kody treats her horribly and it’s clear that she just wants someone to love and cherish her. But after the way Meri has treated Christine this season, many fans are souring on her. On top of that, many believe that Meri harbors extreme feelings of jealousy and resentment toward her former sister wife. Christine managed to escape from Kody while Meri says she’s happy to keep working on their marriage.

After this week’s episode premiered, Reddit and other social media platforms lit up. Viewers just can’t believe how poorly Meri is behaving during Season 17. Keep reading to see what people have to say.

Many fans are stunned by Meri Brown’s behavior this season

As Season 17 continues, Christine is preparing to leave the family for good. Tensions are running high and things are really getting ugly onscreen. Fans watched in disbelief as Robyn, Kody, and Meri, treated Christine horribly during the episode.

All season long, Meri has maintained that she’s actually the strong one for putting up with Kody’s abuse instead of leaving like Christine. By now, fans have realized that a lot of these feelings probably stem from jealousy and resentment. But they really don’t appreciate how it’s manifesting.

Meri Brown from Sister Wives, TLC
Meri Brown/TLC

“Oh, IDK, Mer. How about, “I’m a hypocrite.” Those damn catfish leave a bad taste in your mouth, huh?” the original poster titled their Reddit post. The post was in reference to Meri’s sarcastic “congratulations” to Christine, before adding that she didn’t know what else to say.

“Did anyone else’s jaws drop last night?” another Redditor asked. “Kody’s and Robyn’s false accusations against Christine. Robyn’s blatant lying about what Christine had said. Robyn’s dragging of Janelle into other people’s drama. Kody’s, Robyn’s, and Meri’s decision to gang up on Christine like a pack of hyenas. Meri’s bizarre loyalty to a mean, arrogant clown who will never love her again.”

What do you think about Meri’s feelings and actions? Share what’s on your mind in the comments.

Christine moves on to greener pastures

All of Kody’s wives have to put up with different levels of mistreatment for him. But Sister Wives fans couldn’t be happier that Christine is spreading her wings and escaping the drama once and for all.

Christine Brown from TLC, Sister Wives
Christine Brown/TLC

She already has one mini spin-off called “Cooking With Just Christine.” However, many fans think that TLC should launch a spin-off starring Christine and Janelle. Fans really appreciate the positive, wholesome friendship the women share. After several seasons of Kody’s drama, it would definitely be a refreshing change of pace.

Stay tuned for more Sister Wives news. There will be a new episode on TLC Sunday night at 10 PM eastern time, so don’t miss out!

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  1. The problem is Robyn is manipulative and only pretends to care enough to divert the attention off of the fact that she is always playing Kody against the other three. Kody is stupid because he thinks Robyn is wise and well intended. Because she tells him to work things out with the other three. Yet, in the same breath she validates his excuses for being ineffective. A real wise, well intended woman would knock down every one of his excuses and focus on pushing him to be effective and successful if she actually meant what Robyn pretends to be saying. Robyn wouldn’t tolerate it if the tables were turned, she’s already walked once. Robin wants so bad to have meaningful relationships with the other women well boosting her ego by feeling superior. She’ll never have true relationships with them because women are intuitive. She’s always seeking a relationship with them through the discord she creates. And it only provides temporary satisfaction until they put their crowns back on. The only relationship she’ll ever have like that in this family is with her husband. Because he’s a buffoon type of a male. Kody only acts like a husband to her. He’s more of a self-professed father to the others. How disgusting and unfulfilling for them. I love how Janelle caught the gas lighting they were all pulling on Christine last night. I think she’s got one foot out the door. She just has more important things to focus on right now then finding true love. But one day she’ll be ready. As far as Meri, She has chosen to fight a losing battle and I think she is somewhat angry at Christine for not being in it with her anymore. But at the same time understanding that it is her choice to fight a losing battle and not necessarily Christine’s desire to do the same. Misery may love company but I think deep down she understands that misery isn’t always entitled to it. After Kody saying he’d be fine if she left… yet she stays!? Don’t expect Christine to respect that and follow suit. Understand she probably pitys it more than anything and hopes “martyr Meri” will wake up but can no longer dedicate her life to making the same mistake just to be by her side. Seems like everybody’s waking up except Kody and Robyn. I feel like the next season will leave the two of them the only ones standing. As it has been and as it should be. Keep standing strong Christine. Their pitiful excuses are redundant moot points. The real Bible describes what real marriage should be. And none of them have that with him. I hope this leads Christine to living and finding the real Truth of the meaning of her name. Mormonism is a religion, Christianity is not. Religion is humans trying to work their way to God. Christianity is God coming to men and women through a relationship with Jesus Christ. Janelle is solid is a rock. Meri is the martyr. Christine is the heart. Robyn is the ant pile. Have fun sleeping in the bed you made Kody, the weakest link.

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