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‘I Am Shauna Rae’: Shauna’s Family Crashes Her Big Date

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TLC’s I Am Shauna Rae features an average American family. Middle child Shauna just has one difference — she has pituitary dwarfism and appears to be much younger than her actual age. But even so, Shauna is determined not to let her dwarfism stop her from achieving her dreams. She’s in her early 20s and wants to explore adulthood and dating, just like anyone else her age.

Although Shauna loves her family, they do get under her skin from time to time. During the season premiere, she had no choice other than to let her stepdad and sister tag along on her date with a firefighter.

How exactly did that turn out?

Shauna meets someone new in the I Am Shauna Rae season premiere

TLC star Shauna Rae loves her family. The show takes place in Long Island, New York where she lives with her mother, stepdad, and younger sister Rylee. Her older sister lives in Florida with her fiance. Together, the family has a lot of fun and creates quite a few memories. Shauna really couldn’t imagine life without them.

I Am Shauna Rae stars Shauna and Mark, Instagram
Mark Schrankel & Shauna Rae/Instagram

However, she probably would appreciate a little more privacy when it comes to her dating life. But right now, Shauna can’t drive. As a result, she relies on her stepdad Mark to take her from place to place.

In the season premiere, Mark dropped Shauna off on a date with a firefighter named Thomas. The two settled in at the restaurant — and then noticed that Mark and Rylee were going to dine in too.

TLC recently uploaded the clip on its Instagram page.

“Loll they def didn’t need to sit there 😂” one fan wrote in the comments.

What do you think about Mark and Rylee crashing Shauna’s date with Thomas? Share your ideas in the comments!

The TLC star recognizes first responders for their hard work

Shauna didn’t say whether or not she would be seeing Thomas again in the future, but fans remain hopeful. He also has pituitary dwarfism, so fans hope they continue their friendship even if they don’t date.

After the episode aired, Shauna gave the firefighters at Thomas’ station a special shoutout on her Instagram page. She wanted them to know how much she truly appreciates their service and commitment to the people of Long Island.

“Thank you so much Islip Terrace Fire Department for putting your lives on the line and keeping our world a little safer!” Shauna posted on Instagram. “I have such a high respect for every single one of you, thank you for having Rylee, Mark, the #iamshaunarae crew, and I for the day! If you’re in the area make sure to give them your thanks and check out the Fire Department I know they do all sorts of fun activities for families and such also! ❤️❤️🚒🚒🚒”

Catch new episodes of I Am Shauna Rae each Tuesday night at 10 PM eastern time. Don’t forget to catch this week’s episode and see what Shauna and the rest of her family are up to this week.

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  1. Step-dad and Riley should have sat on the opposite end of the counter so Shauna couldn’t see that they were snooping. I would like to know more how Shauna felt about Tom. He would be a good fit because he is a go-getter and Shauna is reserved. It’s easy to see why her family is so protective but it’s time to let go.

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