‘DWTS’ Season 32 Accidentally Confirmed By Insider?

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Was Dancing With The Stars (DWTS) Season 32 accidentally confirmed by an anonymous insider? That would appear to be the case. When and how did an inside source slip up and confirm the dancing competition would return for another season? Keep reading for the details.

The dancing competition’s move to Disney+ holds firm

As TvShowsAce previously reported last night, an inside source revealed that the executives had no plans to move Dancing With The Stars back to ABC despite the outrage from fans. The insider explained the executives knew it would take time for the dancing competition to get acclimated to a new home. At the end of the day, executives hoped moving to Disney+ would bring in some new viewers that were already on the streaming platform. Likewise, there was a hope the streaming service would benefit from new subscribers tuning in just to watch the series.

Turns out, fans aren’t alone in being upset. Many of the professional dancers on the show have taken issue with not being on primetime television anymore. The executives, however, are holding firm in their decision for now.

DWTS - Instagram - ABC
DWTS – Instagram – ABC

Dancing With The Stars (DWTS) Season 32 accidentally confirmed

In revealing this tidbit of information above, it appears as if the insider may have accidentally shared a little something more. What the insider had to say about the show remaining on Disney+ suggested there were already plans for Season 32 of DWTS. The insider explained that (for at least the next coming season) there are no plans to move Dancing With The Stars back to ABC. Saying this suggests there are already plans for DWTS Season 32 to happen.

The way the insider accidentally spilled this confirmation gives fans a lot of hope. Presently, there are pretty big fears the series will be canceled over a failure to launch on Disney+ because many fans refused to subscribe so they could watch it.

DWTS - Instagram - ABC
DWTS – Instagram – ABC

At this time, nothing has been officially confirmed. What the insider had to say, however, suggests a discussion of Season 32 of DWTS is definitely on the table.

Does it surprise you to learn Dancing With The Stars (DWTS) would return for Season 32 despite viewers (and some of the dancers) being so unhappy with the move to Disney+? Let us know what you think in the comments. And, keep coming back to TvShowsAce for more DWTS news.

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  1. I think it should go back to ABC as some people who are on social security only can’t afford more charges to watch TV.

  2. I hope for season 32 dwts I am very glad it is on and hope there is a 33 I hope that. For the cast For season 32 dwts. Cast. Shasha and. Tori spelling. Mark ballas and. Brittany spears Alan and. Paris Hilton. Atrem and. Kylie Jenner Emma and kayne west Whitney and Tom hanks. Lindsay androld and. James famsnco Sharna and Jonny depht Peta and. Mattew perry. Jenna and Jay Leno Brandon and the Ophra the old tv show host

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