Did Kody Brown Demand Other Children Buckle For Robyn’s Kids?

Kody Brown from Sister Wives, TLC

Right now, most Sister Wives fans think that Kody Brown is behaving completely unreasonably. He’s verbally berating Christine for leaving the family and also taking a lot of anger out on Janelle too. When people are hurt, they tend to lash out and hurt others. And that seems to be exactly what Kody Brown is doing at the moment.

Many of his adult children have admitted to feeling somewhat neglected by their father. But onscreen, fans clearly see him making time for Robyn’s children — even the adult ones.

So what’s going on here? Did Kody actually demand that his other children prioritize Robyn’s kids too? Keep reading to see what fans are buzzing about online these days.

Did Kody Brown force his kids to bend to the will of Robyn’s kids?

Kody Brown only had three wives when Sister Wives began. He married Robyn in the first season and later adopted her three children from a previous marriage. Dayton, Aurora, and Breanna largely grew up in the Brown household and think of Kody’s other kids as their own siblings.

Over time, many Sister Wives fans have concluded this is when a lot of the family problems began.

Maddie Brush, Leo Brown, Aspyn Thompson, and Logan Brown from Sister Wives, TLC
Sister Wives/TLC

“I have a feeling the children were told to give in to Robyn’s children a lot,” a Redditor suggested in a recent thread with an attached clip. “The way Gwen just shuts down…. And both girls immediately disagreed with Gwen and [Savanah]. In [an] earlier scene Aurora takes [Paedon]’s spot at a picnic and refuses to move. They seem to be the ones doing the bullying….”

Gwendlyn Brown, Savanah Brown, Breanna Brown, and Aurora Brown, TLC, Sister Wives
Sister Wives/TLC

The clip is clearly from one of the first seasons and the kids are quite small. Gwendlyn, Savanah, Breanna, and Aurora are all sitting on the couch discussing something. In the middle of the discussion, Aurora cuts Gwen off and points a finger to correct her. Now, the kids are quite small here and it’s well-known that Aurora and Gwendlyn were close while they were growing up. But even so, many Redditors readily agreed with the OP here.

“Gee… I wonder where in the world did Aurora learn to aggressively point her finger at a family member and dominate the discussion, saying her recollection is fact?” another Redditor added, referencing this week’s episode. “Hmmmm, like mother— like daughter.”

What do you think happened when Robyn and her children moved in? Do you think Kody asked the other kids to give in to Robyn’s children? Leave your thoughts and ideas in the comments below.

Season 17 continues with another new episode this week

This week’s episode of Sister Wives was dramatic, to say the least. Christine is about to finally move away, but Kody, Robyn, and Meri aren’t letting her go without revealing their true feelings. During the last episode, fans uncomfortably watched the trio tear into Christine and even try to get Janelle to participate.

Where could things possibly go from here? Tune into the new episode of Sister Wives this Sunday night and find out what happens next.

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    1. Yes, so she and her kids ( most which she had before marrying Kody) will have this scum bag Kody to them selves. Which is nothing worth having.

    2. Yes I too think Robyn thinks she is better than the other wives, She has so much to say about Christine leaving Kody. And she must share Truly with him. I wish someone would remind her she left the father of her children and he lost his children completely. She is such a snob. I couldn’t stand her from the start. I predicted right away that she would be trouble. She needs to remember everyone gets older and she will find out what it is like not to be Kody’s newest toy. To save face he is going to have to get a new wife to replace Christine. He is so jealous it is driving him crazy. I am happy for Christine and I hope Jannell leaves too. They are both pretty ladies and good women and can still attract a better partner .BTW I am really impressed with Truly. She is so mature for her age and speaks so grown up.

  1. kody’s picture should be in the dictionary next to the word Narcissist. he is all about himself and what he wants. he drove Meri away to the point where she was vulnerable to being catfished and now she blames herself for what happened to her so called marriage when, in truth, he pushed her and his other wives away for Robyn and her kids. Well she’s welcome to him!

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